Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Vlad Pascanu


Vlad Pascanu has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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it s done


good luck to all
don t know if i got a good ideea but …
here it is
i recently saw (again) 2001, and i just keep remembering 2 images : the face o Keir Dullea (the movie wallpaper) and that cosmic ballet of spaceships floating on music.
hard to describe
now , i want to make an astronaut amazed by the beauty of what he sees (cosmic event,maybe a sunrise …), the reflection on his helmet showing the spaceships ballet…


I think that your idea is interesting and would become a great image… a beauty and pacefull escene may be…showing as you say a “the spaceships ballet”

Good Luck And see you






Bravo omule! Imi place idea.

Great job so far! Keep it up!


Top notch sketching!
I hope you can capture the same sort of style when you take it to 3D


I can so relate to your inspiration. The first time I watched 2001, I did a poster of all the ships
and graphic imagry as well! So interesting that after all these years, it continues to inspire.
Welcome to this challenge, and looking forward to seeing which direction the inspiration leads you.



making the spacestation
nurbs & poly


quick texturing
hmm…too quick


Vlad, I like all your sketches. The shape for the space station is very beautifull.
Dont know about the texture. A morereflective surface it will be a good option, I suppose. Considering the previous challange, Im sure you`ll find the best solution. :thumbsup:
The hole concept idea is really nice. :bounce:
Keep up the good work dude !! :thumbsup:
Toate cel bune si multa bafta ( ca inspiratie si idei, vad ca ai) !! :applause:


That’s a remarkable space station shape - very effective.


yeh, i really like the space station as it is… it’s such a unique shape, look forward to seeing the next stage!


i didn t have time to post (school,job…)
but i realy want to finish this challenge.
i started to model the astronaut’s helmet
subd and nurbs


The sketches are realy professional work.


Yeah Yeah Go for it baybe…weldone:thumbsup:


small update


Bravo Vlade. Waiting to see the next step. With the reflection you can play alot, from symbols point of view [crucifix?]…goo ideea & work.


final camera angle(i think)


i really need to improve my english skills
“final camera angle(i think)” took 2 min to write
and that s not funny
i can t think in english

many thanks for c&c