Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Vance Fry


What I can say at the moment is that your modeling is really nice and the idea of the ship of the big wings is great , the others are also nice but I think they need more details, just to have the same felling than the other one…

I think you are making a good job … let see more …

Good luck!!


okay, guys, thanks for the comments. Yeah, I know I need more details. I also have to assemble the chunks of the bigger ship to give you all a gander. Hope my system can handle it… It’s actually a little bit of a mess, but I’m going to do some streamlining and hopefully get a better idea uploaded for you all.


Well, after the holidays I thought I’d pick this project up again. Not sure if I’ll finish for the deadline, but I’ll give it a go. Here’s a start on the background painting for the image. Done in Photoshop.

Never again will I think that a star field is as simple as a bunch of white dots on a black background. It was such a pain to get this looking even this good, and I know it doesn’t look terribly real. I’ll keep working on it, though. I think the key is a variety of different stars. Different sizes and colors. You can’t just clone one star a billion times…



Here’s a shot of my current progress on the planet surface. Basically it will be kind of a wavy mountainy kind of thing with all of this random rubble and debris scattered around. I think I’ll have the planet dwellers (robots, maybe?) perched up on a column or something. A little bit higher of a platform so that you can see them in profile against the backdrop.

Well, back to work.


the sail ship is perfect.good luck…


\\\“Greebling\\\” some more of the surface rubble. Just extruded faces from a 5x5 plane and duplicated them a bunch. Then altered the duplications. I\\\'ll keep tiling this way until I can have a resonable planet surface that fades into the distance. The poly counts are within reason for this little things.


More surface modeling. Putting all the pieces together.




Lights for the surface. The point light will attempt to replicate the light coming from the swirly galaxy that you see in the backdrop. The large area light is to create a kind of fiery pit in the front-most foreground of the image.


Just a quick test render. Slapped it together in photoshop with the backdrop, along with a bit of atmostphere. Pretty sloppy, I know, but I’m just testing colors and composition.



Started work on a simple biped. I’ll have them standing on some kind of platform in the foreground, watching the ships fly towards the distant galaxy.

Speaking of the ships, I’m running out of time on this project, so I think I may end up using the shuttle as a larger part of the scene. I’ll not be able to model my grand vision of a huge ship. I’m going to have lots of small ones. I will build one larger ship, but it will probably look a lot like the shuttle in style. I like the design.


more work on the planetside survivors. This robot has a bit more detail than the first guy as he’ll be shown a bit larger in the image.


Here’s another look at a couple of the bipeds that will be standing down on the surface. Pretty simple models, actually, but they do look pretty good when lit and textured.



I revamped some of the geometry on the planet surface. Added a big boulder for the dudes to stand on.

Again, I’d appreciate any comments on my project. Not as good as many here, but I’m still learning.



Another render and compositing test. No atmosphere this time, just to save time. It’ll make it into the final image though.

Okay, the spaceships are the big weekend project! Onwards…



Started the main main. Again, I like the form factor of my sailship shuttle, so I’m going to go for something similiar here, just much bigger.



More work on the main ship. Only thing that bugs me is the windows. They don’t look very convincing. I think maybe it’s cause the surface of the ship is too smooth, without enough surface detail. Makes it look small. Another thing is that the windows don’t glow, but I can probably fix that in Pshop.

Well, back to modeling.

Seems you really have to post a lot of WIPs to get any comments around here. :slight_smile: (Or be a Doug Chiang caliber artist, I guess…)



setting up the scene. Here’s one look.


and another look


Testing a mildly reflective white shader on the main ship.


This is the rendering pass for the starships layer. Will have to correct colors so that the reflected light on the starships is the same color as the atmosphere on the planet.