Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Valentin Schwind


At the beginning of the contest only one reply has been posted for my first wip concept of a broken planet - only for this contest. I take this element (in another form) to the film and this again for my contest picture. I have made a 4min making of video of my film with ALL wips i collected. Of course, all elements (ship, planet, station) was created AFTER the beginning of this contest (nov + dec).
(28 megs)

Vali :slight_smile:


Hey I like your picture overall the planet looks great, it’s too late for you to change anything but I was thinking the ship’s cockpit could stand to be partially transparent, also try adding some struts to the cockpit. Overall looks great.


heyy ok cool then, dude :thumbsup:

and as I said , good image u got there


It would’ve been less confusing (and maybe you might have recieved more C&C) if you had been posting the WIP of the ships, planet, station,etc., during the period in which you were creating them…
Still, nice image.


Nice image Vali :thumbsup: goodluck


nice concept, but i think there should be more bigger debri floating around. The dbri looks all the same. Nice station and ship design. I like it :thumbsup:


I’ve upped the short movie to the image on:



:applause: :applause: :applause:

I’m really impressed. Great animation and very nice making of. I think You could work more on the facial expressions. But I’m totally impressed that you have done it by yourself. How long did it take to make it?



Thank you!!!

I’ve worked 4 months on it!


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