Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Valentin Schwind


Valentin Schwind has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Post Effects and Compositing: REDEMPTION Compositing

Some layers of the renderings I used. The compositing was made in combustion.


first concept of a broken planet


Hi Vali, welcome to this challenge. Well The concept looks nice, it has a deep space feeling:cool:
What is the story behind it.


Thanks! The story is from the shortfilm “redeem” i’m recently making. A pilot returns home and discoveres the remains of his destroyed homeworld and civilisation. More about that later…



Last concept for “Redemption”!


Last scribble!


Planet and spaceship for “Redemption”!


Final textured spaceship and planetmap.


Planet and spaceship for “Redemption”!


Light positions and scene.


My first “Rendering” image…


Some layers of the renderings I used. The compositing was made in combustion.


My final compositing and still for this contest.


All files was rendered in RPF.


“Redemption” is an not-commercial computer-animated short film by me in co-operation with the “Hochschule der Medien - Stuttgart (Germany)”/“University of applied scientics of media Stuttgart”. It tells the story of a spacepilot (probably the last living man), which return to his destroyed homeworld after a great war - with the dead body of his killed friend.

I made this picture for the contest with three elements of the film - the space ship of the pilot, a destroyed space station in background and with a broken piece of the planet.

My 3D program was 3ds max 6. Textures and Nebulares was paint with Corel PHOTO-PAINT and the PostEffects was made in Combustion3.

More infos and a video-making-of will coming soon on



wow you made all this work really fast… your final image is really wonderful Vali :applause: I really like this space scene and this Mars colors



Nice job. Good overall feeling. Congradulations of finishing in great time!


Thanks, yes this picture was made in one day (4 hours before ending of the challange). Of course, the ship and the planet mesh are older.



i think the rules say everything must be new for the contest :frowning:

good image tho


Yep, after all it is a WIP challenge