Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: udom ruangpaisitporn


I really like your work, there is something that reminds me a lot of Bangkok somehow:) Incredible details, I also like the way you plan the paint the background. It is really a mix of different techniques, truly a masterpiece!


Comments needed here!


Fantastic job you did…:thumbsup:


Render FG, MD ,BG ,and spaceship use mental ray . cloud,sky use Fuild Effects and maya software render.
Lighting I use spot Light open Emit Photons and area Light.


nice, inovative, original. GO FOR IT!!!:thumbsup:


Hi, very nice image. Congrats! But if I can make just one minor remark…

The castle in front of the planet …, something with the contrast I think…
If you close your eyes a bit it looks like it’s hanging at the same distance.
No crits, just my opinion.

Good luck!


Paint in photoshop.


I’m liking the style of this, its semi 3D which makes it interesting to look at. The shading looks great. Hope you’ll have this finish in time for the challenge.


I create spot light 2 item and open light fog in the light effect. Intensity = 2.Shade FG use Black Hole.


this backgound composited.


Thank you for all comments.They really help me improve my work.Sorry for not responding because my english is not so good.Hope to see you in the next challenge!


Amazing final - totally unique :applause: Good luck!


one word…just grate…:bounce:


excellent work ! A master piece for sure ! I can understand why I didn’t see this thread before !


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan :eek::eek::eek::eek:
no words mate,i am shocked,i never saw this thread before so it hit even harder :deal::argh::applause:
congratulations,its right up there competing with the best images


Very nice use of 3D : congrats !!!:thumbsup:


Wow nice composition :thumbsup: Lots of detail there! Cool pic and good luck:bounce:

Kind Regards


awesome final, the one thing I like is that it looks so illustrated
great style!


One of that better they adjust to sketch. :eek:

Impressive work. Many details and one of my favorites :bounce:

Good luck:thumbsup:


IT cool…i like it
i like sketch idea
good luck…MR. udom…sood…yod


i like your style kub
it looks good !!!