Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: udom ruangpaisitporn


How can there not me more replies to your work???


I think this is going to be an amazing piece… I will be following your updates and am eagerly anticipating the final work!

Great work…


Very nice. I love the Eastern/Indian feel that you have. It evokes memories of Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, sculture and architecture.
I think you hit on the premise of the challenge with the ancient feel that you have brought to the piece.


great designs… this is a very strong piece and I think very underrated. More should notice
well done man.


Really nice work so far, I like the stylistic approach you have taken so far. It definitely sets your work apart from the crowd. Good luck.


Oww I love your work krub. :thumbsup: Glad to see another Thai people here. Are you with Monsitj?


The Asian touch in it is brilliant, gives it so much life, like it’s really made by someone.
Very interesting style you have, carry on please, need to see more of this:arteest:


wooooah yes! im also loving your buddha style


This is final FG image I use Mental ray
render and open final Gather option.


Looks fantastic. Aging is very believable. I think that a bit more lighting contrast would help…Keep it up.


great detailed modeli welldone:thumbsup:


those are some crasy details u got there:thumbsup:!


Just AWESOME STUFF! I really much like your style, and the concept! I’ll keep checking out this thread :slight_smile:


hello udom,
very exotic entry. and has a lot of “wow” factor in it. lighting/modeling//texturing. just waiting to be integrated on a scene. would you mind sharing about how you create your image. sorry, i’m a newbie on 3d applications. thanks. anyway, great render. keep up.


I paint displacemeant map in zbrush


Hi udom…I wanted to step in here and let you know I am enjoying your entry here,I just looked over it for the first time…Very exotic and well done.A real fresh approach and interesting design.Keep this up,I’ll be looking for more,Nice going Udom.And a very happy New year to you.Until next time,keep it up.:arteest: :arteest:


I use Fulid Effects create the cloud pass.


just starting to do texturing for the spaceship.


Like everyone else who has commented here, you have a very fresh and novel style. But I’m not sure whether I missed something, because I have not seen a story behind the scene you are building and I find it difficult to tell from the current WIP what it is or is going to be about.
Could you enlight me please?
Otherwise, great stuff!


final texture Space Ship.


I use paint spaceship and building backgound.