Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: udom ruangpaisitporn


udom ruangpaisitporn has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Paradise City Final Image

Thank you for all comments.They really help me improve my work.Sorry for not responding because my english is not so good.Hope to see you in the next challenge!


This is sketch idea and design composition.


you are great man as always:) i love your style and its time to update here please be with us!


Again it seems we have another 2d atrist doing a 3d comp. Great concept!! This appears to be to have an influance from the word of Jimenez from the MetaBarons seris. Also this has alot of the feel of some of the stuff from Heavy Metal Magazine. Some of the motifs on the buildings also display certain oriental sensibilities.

I would really like to see this through to a finished 3d image. Any plans on how you are going to tackle the challenge? What software are you going to be using??


use polygon and convert to subdivition.


model FG final.


This looks promising! Really like the concept. 10 out of 10 for originality… at least from me :thumbsup:

I’m not sure about the composition, I feel some elements (ships) at the right are there to fill in the gap. Still I think you should keep them all and just move the closest one (from the 4 ships on the right) 1/3 offset to the right… guees that will do. Just my opinion, I know it will look great at the end whatever you choose to do. Keep it up!


create by polygon and convert to sub.


model render.


Wonderful! I love your style - can’t wait to see how this one turns out, keep it up:thumbsup:


WOW this is cool stuff man, your working so well and so fast too, it’s like you just popped out of nowhere. This is really high quality stuff and as the rate you work this is definately a thead to keep an eye on. Keep going man, i wanna see more of your stuff.:thumbsup:


sketch detial.


by step.


model spaceship final.


start paint.


Render test texture and shade.


Hey man, looks great!
really looking forward to see the whole wall painted!

Greetz H.2.O


Damn…how did I miss out on your work…Great stuff! I can see the Buddhist influence. Very nice and subtle, very interesting feel even at this point.



hey great work very nice modelling and very nice concept design

keep it up great job:thumbsup:


Render texture update.