Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Tuomas Järvenpää


Tuomas Järvenpää has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Last Man Standing

Did only some minor changes and tweaks, added some noise to the image. That’s it, for real this time:)



The idea is somewhat clear but I still need to design the actual monsters in more detail, so far they dont have any form. Also, I need decide the area that is going to be in focus.

Story: This exploration trip has gone badly wrong, there were some problems which lead to a crash into a hellish environment with somekind of insectlike beasts. Now the last man of the crew is standing…


Cool, I like it!


welcome to the contest !

maybe put more than one type of creature in the pic , also , a leader creature could be fun.
Also the last one might protect someone behind his back and he could have
immensely damaged robo assistants.

yea n the sky looks now very empty


Thanks for comments so far! I’ll be next going forward with the hardest part: the creation of the monsters. I need to design something new, not “Aliens”:). Squibbit, thanks for the ideas! I’ll probably use that protecting idea. I’ll focus less on the sky and more on the actual action area itself. However, I wish to give the impression of a hellish atmosphere that the sky would create. Not the most pleasant planet to dwell!


I skipped the hard monster creation part and started to create the crew. A lot of fetails are needed for the suit.


Just tweaked the image a bit. One monster is going to be closer, and the last man is now more protecting one (probably already dead) member. Cropped some of the sky away.


well, to fill the sky, you could use some… flying monsters, original eh?

no, seriously, you could create some big leader monster thats creaping just behind the hero’s back, a BIG ONE that could fill the sky!


Mr. crewman taking some form, finally. Difficult to find time to work on this stuff:(


This guy still needs some finishing touches but is basicly done. There was one major setback when during surface baking the whole model was corrupted for some reason or mistake I made:( That set me back for about 3 hours work. I won’t give up!


This really early stage stuff, but worked on the landscape (only partly visible on this image) and on the spaceship. Next I am adding more details and debris to the view and trying to get that ship look realistic. Tough challenge.


Figuring out the scene… There is going to be loads of monsters more, other details like rocks, blood, smoke, etc. Starting next with ground texturing and adding more details at the same time.


I like your scene concept. It is difficult to frame the emotion in this scene, you must pick a dynamic angle and yet you want to expose just how many of these creatures are out there. Think only about the shot and not the model. A lot of people spend a lot of time doing really detailed elements for the scene that will never be seen. ( I call that technique “self-stroking”)

Set that camera closer to the action and move all of the monsters in behind the action. For this kind of scene, you can’t go wrong to set up the shot like a Frazetta painting. The creatures climbing over each other to get at the man who looks as though any moment is the last.

Keep up the good work!



Great concept sketches… i like the sky colours and blending you have used. What I persume is the escape hatch on the top of the craft… looks a bit small for the peole to have climed out of. I would say it needs to be at least twice the size.

Also, I agree with DM, you need to make the viewer really feel for the guy that is left… you need these bugs crawling over each other to get to him… perhaps start some infighting amongst the bugs.

good luck!

The Dog


Still working on this thing… Last weekend I made a lot of different renders, but still found out this to be the best angle. However, I decided to zoom in and crop a lot of the image to focus more on the last man standing but so that still the overall feeling remains. I also rendered the sky using volumetrics. I think I achieved the feeling of a hellish planet, the worst place to make a crashlanding:) I’ll be doing some post work in photoshop too. But, anyway, I’ll be posting the images about the current situation soon for commenting. BTW, I also made a whole bunch of textures, but mainly by using procedurals. They’re great, so much can be done with them!

I’ll get back soon!



hello jarvetu! i can say that i wouldnt want to be on that ship :)! just an idea how about ships automatic defense system ( the ones left) shooting at the creatures . and surely like to see a close up alien! :scream: they look mean .yaaaargh!

nice work !


Here is the scene now. I cropped it a lot to focus more on the action. As I mentioned earlier, procedurals are mainly used. Only UV maps are on the space crew. The lighting is really basic with couple of point lights and some ambience with a color.


Here is the sky. Next I’ll composite this to the scene and play more with the colour variations.


hey cool ! and the monsters don’t look too typical so that’s a bonus

would be nice to see scratches n stuff on the crashed ship’s surface,
especially the nose and sides


Thanks Squibbit! Yes, the next things to do (after the composite): add blood, add dirt, add mud, add scrathes, add drool, add smoke, add some more blood…