Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Torsten Thuenen


LOl, great Image Nash! I never xpected such a funny thread , I am only sorry I never knew of it


Hi Torsten!

I like your image it has a very happy feel to it good work dude and good luck in the finals :thumbsup:

Kind Regards


This turned out really well indeed. I love the sense of scale you got from placing the tiny vehicles - makes the penguins huge! Wonderful concept!

Congrats and good luck for the voting! :thumbsup:


Great approach Russel_Nash, and great execution… you image is very original. Very good. Congratulations.


Hey, thank you very much for all those comments. They make me really happy.:slight_smile:

 @ Squibbit: Of course! I am addicted to these challenges. :scream:       



Russel, I should have posted more, James first put me onto your thread to start with, and I sort of lost track of it :blush: ( just too damn many entries :scream: ) anyway I just wanted say once again I love the idea an humour in this entry, you’re up there with Squibbet, great stuff :bounce:




haha, sorry it took a day… no wacom at home so this is mouse-drawn.

so great idea this yours, that i just had to make something similar, thanks,dude :slight_smile:


^^ too many Wabbits :hmm:


they’re penguins, piggy… p-e-n-g-u-i-n-g-s :stuck_out_tongue:


don’t try and convince me I am nuts Squibbit, you’re far too late for that one :wise:


yes i know, you’re already convinced , but just that one white wabbit is to0 many ?


you got it!

and sorry for invading your thread Russel, ist nur ein Spaß :smiley: . Du hast wirklich ein verdammt tolles Bild :thumbsup:


Kein Problem.

Danke für die Blumen. :slight_smile:



:smiley: you’re welcome


was? wütende Blumen?


wow nice artwork


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