Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Torsten Thuenen


uu gonna give me nightmares if u make me dread something like that lies
beneath our polar caps… :slight_smile:

since your scene is pretty much flat u could put a simple planar texture on
it … ? rocks with little snow on it ? or just change the color to say dark brown or
what have u :slight_smile:


I created a rough texture for the ground. It looks more healthy now. I also tried a snowy version, but the white ground makes the scene look very flat. If I will find some time I may add a few boulders lying around.



but hey looks much better , doesn’t it ?


Here is a larger render of the scene. I added a few boulders, an more penguins. Now there are 38 of them in the picture. Right in the moment I try to get some haze and DOF to give the total scene more depth.



yea and maybe a little atmosphere to show in the background ? the balloons couldn’t
be up without it ! gonna go n find all the quins now


I tried different lighting intensities. I think the upper right is a quite good one. I will have to put some more lights in it to highlight the two penguins in the front, the ship, the train and the sushi bar. I hope this will work.



Here is a small update for the lighting process.



Hi Torsten…The upper right is urely the best choice.A little more vibrant and crisp than the lower left (My second choice)…You got it close to the finishline,i can only say give it your all,and all the best in your final tweaks and work…Until next time ,take care…:arteest: :beer:


I rendered the 3 layers of my picture separate. Now I will have to compose them in Photoshop. The middle part took nearly the whole day to render. Fore- and Background took each about 2 hours.



Here is a first composite of the final image. I added the background and some haze and clouds.



Here is a quick render just to keep a promise. Its Tabnatu the owner of the Eggy Top Sushi Bar. As you can see he is one of his best customer. :scream:


Ok, here is my final image. I hope you like it.

C&C are welcome.



And here you find a larger image. It’s 50% of the final image. Final resolution is 3636 x 1546.

Final image 1818 x 773 (548 KB)

It was really fun to work on this challenge. Thank you all for your wonderful support. I was an absolute amazing time and I am really looking forward to see you again in the next challenge.
Today is really a great day. I finished my entry, but what is even more important I also finished the writing process of my PhD thesis.

Thank you once again,



Hi Russel,

happy that you’ve finished your image!! Excellent work you’ve done, very original image!!
I like it!

See you in the next challenge!! :beer:


yea, good job, man :thumbsup:


Hi torsten…So you finished,good for you.You did a real nice job.As you can see only 100 to maybe 150 people can get something done,it’s not the easiest thing to do.i like your scene,and it’s originality,it’s good fun with a nice twist…good luck to you,and by the way congrats on finished the writing process of your PhD thesis…Thats quite an accomplishment.You did this while finishing a challenge entry… That’s really amazing.:buttrock: Great for you,and again I wish you all the best…See you soon I hope…:arteest: :beer:


Thank you for your comments. I am really glad you like my entry. Without your support it would have not been possible to finish it. I learned really a lot during this challenge.



and of course u will attend the next one too , right ? :thumbsup:

we can’t really let u go cuz u one of the CRAZY people !!


You’ve done a great job here, Torsten :thumbsup:

Good luck with the horrifying er… horrors of the upcoming voting procedure! May the force of the great founding penguin be with you :wise:


congratz mate on final! :slight_smile:

haahah so funny :smiley: