Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Torsten Thuenen


OK, it is official. I am totally adictit. Being on the airport and waiting for my flight to departure and having nothing in mind but visiting CGTalk. :scream:

Thanks for all your replys and sorry no laptop available.:shrug:





I have seen pigs in space but this? lol nice


Ok, holidays are over. Now back to work. So much things left to do and so little time left. I really hope I can finish this in time.



hey welcome back ! yea seems like time is running short for alot of people, many
have already quit cause they got no time for the contest :frowning:


Back to biz-ness…Good to see Torsten…I’ll be looking for more…I hope your trip was as nice as can be…Heres to your safe return…:beer: :arteest:


Thanks guys,

right in the moment I am not really in the mood to continue my work on the challenge.

We spend our holidays in Khao Lak (Thailand) and left the beach on 22. of December. I just can not stop thinking about all the people we met who are most probably dead by now.

My heart is with all those people affected by these events.



Yea I heard of all Thailand Khao Lak got hit the worst .

My bro’s in Thailand too , but I heard he’s over 200 kilometers
east of Bankok so was mostly unaffected by the disaster. His two Belgian
friends elsewhere in Thailand nearly got killed tho

Take your time to sort things out, I hope you can still continue
the challenge and finish your entry

Best Wishes



Here is a small update for the spaceship. I reached the limit of my machine. Ever new patch takes up to 3 min, which is really taxing my patience.






Hi, here is an update of the overall scene. Modelling is finished. I will only make some minor tweaks here and there. The rest of the time is needed for texturing and lighting.
Right now there are 22 penguins in the scene but most of them cannot be seen in this low resolution. May be I will add a few more, depends on my machine.

Back to business



good to have u back working on the pic , that new years pic was great, too!

I think I found about 15 of the 22 penguins :slight_smile:


Very Very Lovely Object…:thumbsup: Happy new year


Here is a first try of bringing some colour into the scene. I think I will use mostly just colours where it fits. It will give the scene a comic like feeling which fits the overall scene quite well to my mind. And it helps reducing the render time of course :wink:



And here is a coloured version of the eggy car.



So here is a fully colored version of my picture

C&C are welcome.



nonono, dude, u got yellow snow


lol, looks good man:)


hey, they landed on desert! You should add some haze for more depth of Your pic! But the concept is just : :buttrock:


Thanks for the comments. Actually my first idea was, that there is no more snow and ice in Antarctica due to global warming, but I might rethink this.