Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Torsten Thuenen


Hmm… I’m afraid I don’t know how A:M handles texturing at all… It looks like the approach as such will work though, so keep at it. And don’t forget to check how the egg in question will actually be displayed in the final image - maybe you can cheat somewhere that will not be visible or occluded by something in the foreground.


Ok, I ran into a dead-end street with my texturing of the tower. Before I go on trying to solve this problem I want to get on overview of the total scene. If I have found the final composition I will hopefully know how to handle this tower problem. So here is a first render of the final scene.



haha I love this mate… I’d almost try lowering the horizon a bit but… :shrug:


:bounce: The bubble nut amazing penguins…listen to flyingP and lwer a little bit your Horizon’s line…imo :thumbsup:


Thanks for your suggestion.
Here is a version with a slightly lower horizon.



bit more perhaps, it’d be nice to have the penguin ship breaking through a bit, you can always go back to the first if it doesn’t work. I just feel it may give it a bit more scale though :slight_smile:


This is one fun entry…I like the scope,it’s turning out nicer all the time…I think you should tilt the camera(View) up just a touch,a bit more sky would be better,just a touch…The compo and layout looks good,nice placement of the pieces

I think you can give the tower a Fractal map Torsten…it’s really a displacement that flat shade the facets of perturbation like they were polys…they will dynamically subdivide the patches they are applied to…I also think you should look into the weathering command…just make sure the patch normals are pointing correctly before doing so…

Have you thought of possibly going the toon route with this?The toon bias would work weel with your models and style here…Just a thought…:arteest:

…Your doing a nice job here Russel…Give it all the cylinders,keep it going hard…:beer: :arteest:


Thanks for your comments,

Right in the moment I am rendering a composite with an even lower horizon and al slightly tilled camera view.

 @virtuoso: Thanks man. Now I will try to understand the middle part of your post concerning the texturing. Lots of things are totally new to me. You read my mind concerning the toon shader. Actually today I was thinking of giving it a try in the final render. 

Thanks for all your support.



Ok here is it. I don’t think I can lower the horizon much more. But you never can tell.



Ups, I lost the moon:D
I will try to find him tonight and bring him back tomorrow.



Torsten…Just look them up in your manual…It will make more sense with a full page of instructions…Just look up Fractal map and weathering command…Yes I thought toon shading might me a neat trick for your praticualr creations here,and fun theme almost needs it…Yes that last shot is just the right angle.:thumbsup: …It is just what I pictured in my minds eye.cannot be set better for your shot…It works perfectly…Ok I’ll be watching,hit it hard…:arteest: :beer:


:thumbsup: I like your idea… very funny. Keep going


beautiful work, Russel…

as a whole, i think you’ve got something really great going on here, but i wonder if the proximity of the left penguin to the light by his head and the generator/stuff behind him seems confusing; almost like the hose/cord thing is coming out of his left arm (flipper?), which for me, ties him to the middle ground and it’s messing with the scale of the foreground penguins. this, with the way the foreground’s horizon line is not very defined almost makes it seem like the penguins are too big to fit into their spaceship.

this is probably just me and anyway, these may not even be issues once you get textures and lighting going -just thought i might mention it; i really don’t mean to be nit picky or anything because you’ve got such an original concept with clean, detailed modeling and a well thought out scene. keep it up, man



Thanks for your comments, it’s always a pleasure to read them.

 @virtuoso: Thanks for the tips. I will dig through the manual. 

@ jammin: I am really glad you like it. You are totally right with this mixing of for- and middle ground thing. I will move either the penguin or the one light a bit to solve this issue. The foreground’s horizon line should be more visible when I start texturing. Thank you very much for your help.



There is only one thing which is better than working for this challenge, and that’s:
Holiday with my wife.
So no more updates in the next few weeks. Thanks again for all your support. Already looking forward to come back.



Mwaahaaa! Excellent going, dude :smiley: And enjoy your vacation (bring a laptop, she’ll never notice, and you can use it while going to the bathroom… :deal: )


huh?.. wow this is soo cool… i mean literelly… very weird concept… i wud love to see those penguins for a new world… man i gotta iv it to ya, where did u got that idea of urs?.. neat… keep it up man… best wishes for u… :thumbsup:


lol, excellent image!!!:applause:

Excellent work too Russel_Nash!!

Take a good break and nice holidays!! :cool:


Have a nice time Torsten…I think you should sneak a laptop on that vacation of yours…A little here and a little there,before you know it,the penguins will have another fun hideout…:wink:

Have fun,and hurry back soon…:beer: :beer:


hahaha, good one , Russel , space suit and all !!! have a fun vacation !!!