Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Torsten Thuenen


Oh, just occurred to me… extra points for making the elevator doors penguin shaped… really honestly can’t wait to see how all this comes together… if all else fails, I’d like to order a round of sushi.


Impressive concept Torsten , those penguin looks so funny , the car rocks too . it will be funny if you put the penguins in the back of the car with some beers and having fun heading to the sushi bar . Not the final image but just for fun hehe . Keep the good working


A World is born…Fun and interesting to follow,i like your recent additions again Torsten…I have a Scalawag tavern in the works myself…But have to say there is no cooler “penguin Bar” in the universe…The bar is for the penguins right?..I like the progression,the extra models,I think your doing a fine job,a unique one,something outside the “BOX”…keep at it Torsten,…:arteest:


Wow, so much feedback. Thank you all very much. This is overwhelming. :bounce:

@ JamesMK- Nice idea, may be I’ll give it a try. Thanks

   @adr. Thanks, I will try to fulfil your whish, but time is very limited at the moment. 

@Virtuoso (godfather of polygons) Thanks man. The bar will be for penguins and if my machine will allow it will be full of them. I think I will have to book a flight to CA and use your machine for final rendering.:smiley: Really looking forward to your Scalawag tavern.

Now back to work.:arteest: 



I start modelling the hull of the tower. There will be rooms behind the windows. I will have to model them separately and compose them together later.
I am not jet 100% satisfied with it. Lets see what I can make better.



Grazy,hilarious,delire!!!Nice modelling and top idea!!!
Indeed it could really be cool to put some icebears in there doing the hard work or as doorkeepers at the sushibar:D :applause:
Sure bell watching you,excellent!!!


Thanks OKMER but sorry I have to stay hard. No polar bears in the pic. :scream:
After adding one more level of skin to the tower I had to stop following this approach. My machine can’t handle it anymore. :hmm: In the meantime it takes up to 5 min just to copy/paste some patches. :banghead: The challenge would long be over and I would still model the skin of the tower. So now I have to think of a different way.



Good to hear you stand your ground on the polarbear issue :slight_smile:

About the technical challenges… I get the feeling that you could get away with very simple geometry for that particular structure, and simply add windows and their air conditioners (?) using bump and colour textures. Fingers crossed here!


Yup, that was exactly the way I want to try next.
But my texturing abilities are quite basic. So a lot to learn in the next days. :wip:


Tips and tricks:

Since the structure is pretty much tile based - model one window section as you would like it to look, then render out a square view (section to be seen in straight top or frontal view) and use that render as a template to paint the texture. You can even render out a depthpass (z-buffer… assuming that A:M can do that) and use that as a bumpmap tile… works a treat, and looks better than any bumpmap you’ve ever seen before (might need to blur it slightly… small tweaks… but you get the idea)


Hey, thank you very much. Very interesting approach. :bounce:
Now I have to find out if this z-buffer thing works in A:M.
Already played around a little bit with Photoshop but nothing yet to show.

Back to work :arteest:



Even if it doesn’t, there’s a cheat you can use in almost any package:

Use ordinary distance fog/mist. Adjust it’s near and far limits so that it goes from no fog to full fog over the depth of the object. Make the fog colour black, and the material of the object white using luminosity/self-illumination (just to prevent it from being shaded). Switch off all lights. Render. This should make parts far away from the camera black, and the closer they are, the whiter they are. Hey presto, a Z-buffer!


Thanks. I think it is possible. I can render the depth as an extra file in A:M. It only looks quite wired. Very colourful. But there is a tool to convert it to an greyscale tga image. But this I have to find first.

Thanks again,


Here is my first attempt in creating a texture for the tower. Just played around with the layer styles in Photoshop.



way to go ! and it’s so allright, cause u can come up with amazing
stuff with those layer effects , even by accident !


Ah, good schtuff :thumbsup: You’ll save zillions of polygons this way!

keep in mind that those photoshop bevel effects have an implied light direction… it might look weird once mapped and lit in A:M :wise:



@JamesMK: yeah those implied lights are something I am also worried about. I think I will get rid of the bevel & emboss effects and try out how it looks like with just a bump map instead.



Well painting a texture is one thing, applying it to a eggy shape is the other. Those dammed contortions are driving me mad.



Well painting a texture is one thing, applying it to a eggy shape is the other. Those dammed contortions are driving me mad.

yea i can imagine ! dunno how to help there , maybe use perspective tool on the texture
or sumthin ?

one question : is the wall like really thin ?


Good point. I was so fixed on that contortions that I’ve not noticed that point. :banghead:

Ok, back to work. :arteest: