Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Torsten Thuenen


Ok, I have split the spaceship into different parts. The hull and the inner “under construction” part. Both in one model is something my machine could not manage. I have to compose these elements later. For now I have started to remodel the hull. Here are two parts. The wing with the engine and one part of the landing gear.

Have fun,



Well done refinements to the ship parts. And to think it’s all made with spline patches makes my skin crawl! :smiley: Jolly good job.


Just a small update of the space ship.
This is really a great challenge especially for my machine. It’s already getting slow, and the ship is not jet half finished.



A close up of the bow gate. It will be build into the ship when this will be finished.



hey Russel , how about some polar bears in the pic ?

great progress , btw :thumbsup:


Thanks man,

polar bears would be a nice idea, if I wouldn’t be a biologist by education. So it is impossible for me to place polar bears an penguins into the same picture. :argh:



Here is a small car for the penguins to drive around. It’s for tow to three penguins, but if necessary there is space for 10 more on the back.


Those cars merely proves you’re nuts. They look very good and fit the overall style perfectly.

Funny thing about the penguin/polarbear connection btw… There’s an MTV show here called ‘MTV Up North’ specifically airing scandinavian bands, and what do they show in the introduction/logo stuff every time? Penguins. Up North=penguins? :rolleyes:


a penguin pickup … :cool:

really like the landing gear on the ship too :applause:


The torsten space fleet is going strong…the style all fits with one another,and the overall scene looks like it will be a fun and unique one for sure,nice work torsten…Keep them coming…Make animation master proud…I will always be found of it as it was my first app…a while back now,but I have nice memories…:arteest:


Those cars merely proves you’re nuts.


o yea forgot them pengs n bears dwell on different poles :blush:

anyways , great job u doin here :thumbsup:


Since the construction of the space ship is by far the most significant event in penguin history it has become quite a tourist attraction. So Tabnatu, a very clever business-penguin had that brilliant idea of opening up a sushi-bar next to the construction area. And what place would be better than the rooftop of the Epic Voyager, Inc. tower.


The penguins definitely had to have SUSHI, totally hilarious, yet so logical.
Love your overall design, so coherent. Keep them coming!



Oh my goodness, I’ve never laughed so hard at a thread before. This is fantastic! Technically virtually flawless. Golden!



haha very original and extremely funny :thumbsup:

Tell me how did the penguins get so intelligent?
Mad scientist passed his DNA before he died or?

anyways, keep up the great progress, im lovin it :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate them. It’s very encouraging to know you like it.

@JohanL: Thanks man, well the answer is quite simple: Evolution. (Oh, and lots of fish of cause:D)



Just an elevator to the sushi-bar.


lol, its a good mix between funny concept and originality :thumbsup: the lobby-bar is really cool!


Hi Russel!

Great scenario for a “Grand Space Opera”, and great to see your advances in Animation:Master!

I’ll definitly follow your thread, keep up the good work! :smiley:

Happy splinin’


Man, i love your concept and your modeling are very cool!!

Specially the Eggy Car … it’s very original!!
Keep posting!! :buttrock: