Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Torsten Thuenen


And here a detailed view of the lights.



You really have the most strange ideas, man. You know that? But I like it a lot!

I imagine the balloons will come in all bright colors, like at a birthday party… Keep going :wip:


hahaha :applause: what a cool idea (no pun intended :slight_smile: ) and original, I really like it :thumbsup:


yea good work , dude !


Here is the missing part for the balloon-lights. The control point and the tanks for the filling.


that’s the sort of in depth detailing I like , fill up station :slight_smile:


Alright Torsten…I like the fresh angle/approach you are taking.That "Penguin vessel with it’s contraptions are fun and fresh.A funky like style and interesting to look upon,keep this coming,very nice effort.:arteest:


Hey, a world full of penguins!! This is very optimistic.
Cool and funny idea. And nice modeling skills you have!
Definitely, this will be a very nice image.
Torsten, I’ll be looking forward to your work.
Keep it up!!


I blocked out the final layout. I decided to place a city in the background and therefore I needed a connection between the city and the place where the ship is build. So I modelled this sky train. I didn’t put to much detail on it, because it will only be quite far in the background. Just the pylons we get some more attention.



Here is a small crane. It will be located on the ship to lift some of the heavy steel beams.


:applause:I really like your concept!! Very cool! And Original! :applause:

And nice modeling too!! Keep going!!

Good work, very original!!:buttrock:


really interesting… keep it up


Just a small update for the space ship.



Keep on bringing it Torsten…These details grouped as one in the end will pay off big time.Go for whatever you can get away with poly wise in your models.Calculate the entire scene now,see just where you are headed.But try and give as much poly count to these models in the end.Leave the low poly counts to games of old.If you need help with compositing tips etc,etc…just PM me when the time is here,I’ll be glad to help,this will open up many options for you…Ok keep going hard,I like your plan and overall design.Keep bringing it.:arteest: :cool:


This has got to be the coolest concept i´ve seen so far in this challenge. Definitely looking forward to see more of it. :slight_smile:


not sure about the final layout there Torsten almost looks as though the penguins might be bigger than the train at the moment… or I a reading it wrong :shrug: , all the same keep going you seem to have managed to find a mix between fantasy an logic with this concept that I really find most fascinating :thumbsup:


you penguin guys can’t even see the ‘box’ -your uniqueness and dedication to thinking outside it is inspiring!

i see you haven’t really gone into textures yet but i wonder if you are thinking how the spacesuits, even the spaceship, might convey or incorporate the penguins’ natural colors (penguin tuxedos)

-guess i’ll have to wait and see…


Just stopped by to thank you all for your wonderful support. All this kind words are even more valuable than the amazing prizes. So I have already won. I am really glad that you like my entry and I will give my very best to reach your (and my) expectations.:bounce:

@Virtuoso: Thanks man, I will definitely come back to your offer. I will put as much detail into the models as my machine can handle. Also the program I am using (Animation:Master) is a little bit limiting as I can only model with splines. So no polygons. Only 4-point and sometimes 3-point and 5-point patches.

 @flyingP: I hope you are reading it wrong. :DMay be I will become more clear when the actual model will be placed into the scene. Also the train will be full of penguins, which should show the dimensions. 

@jamming: I have not jet really thought about textures. But the ship in a tuxedo is an interesting idea. May be I’ll give it a try. :thumbsup:Thanks.

 Thanks again everybody




To me that translates to:




wouldn’t be the first time Torsten :blush:

I agree with the wabbits transation too :smiley: