Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Torsten Thuenen


Torsten Thuenen has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Ok, here is my final image. I hope you like it.

C&C are welcome.



Excellent !

Nice to see you again , Russel !

Good Luck in the contest !


Good luck Torsten - bring on the space donkeys :buttrock:


torsten…Good luck,and may the space opera be an epic one for you.I’ll keep a watch for your entry.Have fun,until later…:arteest:



[font=Arial]thanks for the warm welcome. This is really a fantastic topic. I already have an idea what kind of picture I want to make. The story is evolving in the moment an I hope I will be able to show a concept soon.[/font]

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[font=Arial]Let the fun begin and May the Schwartz Be With You![/font]



Ok here is my concept.

The distant future. Global warming has made the earth a hostile place and mankind had vanished long time ago. Only one place has been left, where life was still able to resist. Antarctica. But now slowly the atmosphere starts to diffuse into space bringing the same fate to Earth as to Mars millions of million years ago.
So the last inhabitants of earth prepare for the final voyage which will take them far into the unknown regions of space to find a new Antarctica.



cool , I like the spacesuits :slight_smile:


Looks like a commercial picture, like you can have an audience starins at a huge tv screen :smiley:


Waaahaa! Very much in character for you, Torsten - Penguins in spacesuits… that just can’t go wrong, can it? :smiley:


here are my first modeling attempts for the penguins in spacesuits. I am just wondering how to make the creases into the suit. May be I will try via texture.



Some update for the penguins in space suits.
The helmet needs more attention, but it starts to take shape.

C&C are welcome.



Ha ha! Excellent, love it! Though I would prefer to see more a voluminous belly on them, just really chubby like penguins often are.


yea and some wrinkles on the suit maybe ?


Thanks for the comments.

@JamesMK: There will be some more penguins in the scene than shown on the concept. I promise there will be some really fat among them. :smiley:

@Squibbit: Wrinkles on the suit is something I also want to have. The problem is, I have to take care that the patch-count isn’t rising to high otherwise my machine will give up. I will try to get some wrinkles via texture.

Right in the moment I am working on the space-ship. Maybe this evening I will be able to show some first impressions.



here is a first model of the spaceship. Still very basic.



i like your concept very much:)


Penguins in space suits - love the idea!


Oh great news! :applause:


LoL, interesting penguin ship .


As the penguins have to work day and night to get their space ship ready in time, they need some lights to work during the night. Here is an overview of the ship and the four lights.