Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Thomas Wendtner


Thomas Wendtner has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: God’s Temple

Ok… long time no update because I was very busy with tattooing.
Thanks for all your comments and hints.
Cleaned up the mesh a bit and added nostrils and wrinkles… still a lot of work to do!


Ok,… now u can definitly call the nuthouse.:smiley:

I actually entered a 3D challenge,… doh!
Ok last and first time I ever modeled something, is about 2 years ago. Well, lets say my knowledge of 3D is very limited. But what the heck, it’s
a good laugh for you gurus…:wavey:

So,… I’ll come up with a concept soon.


Tommy Lee

PS: I will TRY to use Cinema 4d, wich I won a time ago. So here is the chance to give it a try:twisted:


Good Luck Tommy!!:thumbsup:

Hope that your 3D challenge look like your 2D!!
Really good sketch!! Waiting to see what you will do in the 3D!!

Good work!!:buttrock:


Ok… Here is my concept. It’s similar to my 2D Entry(Storywise)
“The Oldest stared at the temple. 3 glowing fingers were penetrating the sky. There it was, right in front of him… the sign.
>Soon they will be here.<,he thought. >Soon we’ll be…<”
I kept it simple, so maybe I have the chance to finish it in time. I’ll try my best…


Great 2D Sketch! I like that, and would definitely like to see the 3D version… Dont worry, Ill do my best to help you in 3D problems…(although I use lightwave instead of cinema :eek: )
I will be watching your work!


Thanks for your replies!:thumbsup:

@SuperXCM vbmenu_register(“postmenu_1736872”, true); : I’m happy if I can put 10% of my 2D-skills into 3D.:smiley:

@Nikus: I can use any help I get, thanks for your support:thumbsup: And the app is not that important. I am a total noob in 3D so I need just help in the fundamentals. Same in every app…

Cheerz and till the next update



hihihi, now that’s interesting :smiley: YOU making 3d!! …why not? :thumbsup: I’m very curious how this’ll come out! (Sketches are excellent though the composition is a little boring, maybe too symetric)


wow that’s espactacular, is beatiful.
i like your idea is very starwars very epic

keep going


hahaha !!! man , u 5D too !!! yea !!

:bounce: :bounce:


Ok… had not much time to update, but here is the concept for the priest in the forground.
I hope I can start to model(or better try to) tonight or tomorow.
I’ll comment on your replie later on, no time right now…


going 3d huh? … :cool: :bounce: :bounce:


good luck, this character looks like it should be tons of fun to model :wink:


Ok… I choose to go another way, though I’ll stick with the story.
I want to try to bring my wicked style to 3d because my 2D entry is quiet serious…
The models are easier also, what is very important for me because I’ve no expirience whatsoever.
So… here is the concept of the maincharacter!


Thanks to all!

@coCoKNIght: Yeah… we’ll see. And 'bout the composition: I change the whole thing anyway—last post.Thanks:thumbsup:

@melkao: Thanks. Hope you like my new idea too…

@Squibbit: We will try our best, right?:deal:

@flyingP: I try, I try. Using cinema too, so I hope I can get some help from you too.:slight_smile:

@azazel: Yeha looks like fun, but to complicated for a noob like me. So I go for easier stuf and make it look more complicated,…?Doh!
Anyway thanks man.

See ya next update dudes and dudettes:D


I love the second sketch, reminds me a bit of humpty for some reason…perhaps the eyes. As to any help with C4D, yeah just ask, assuming I know the answers myself :argh:


Very nice character designe:eek: :applause:


hey those are very cute looking charecters u gto there…thrubs up from me :thumbsup: best of luck man


oh, I like beautiful picture your idea it continues this way.


Ok… here is the final concept of the Priests head. Details are missing, but I let them evolve while modeling, like tentacles or whatever… don’t know yet:)


Ok… started modeling the priest.
That,s what I got so far. Shaded and Wire…

I know it doesn’t look exactly like the sketch. But I don’t want to fix on the exact looking. Just loose…

And thanks for the comments


Tommy Lee