Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Thiago Gomes Sckianta


Thiago Gomes Sckianta has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


Hi guys. I’m just a beginner in CG so, when i say “I’m gonna do that” it means “I’m gonna try to do that”. I already have some ideas in my mind, and I’m doing (trying to do) a sketch. As I don’t know how draw at all, I’ll do my sketchs in other ways I’ll show you soon. I’ll post my idea with my sketch. This way you’ll be able to do good critiques. One more thing. My English is… oh my… no words!!!


Welcome Thiago Gomes Sckianta! Don’t let any worries stand in your way, this forum is full of good people and inspiration. Poke around a little bit with some of the folks and you’ll see for yourself. It is a really exciting challenge, and we all try to let help each other try a little harder.




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