Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Ted Terranova


Ted Terranova has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: Wrok on the admiral and planet

Thanks for the feedback. I think next I’ll try opening up the view some more. For now I have a mockup guy in the chair (grabbed from the mech image I made). I’m trying the “Mr. Burns Pose” which looks pretty cool. I also did some work on the planet texture. I’m trying to create an image of cities being built in the ocean to expand the living space, while still attempting to leave the East Coast of the U.S. visible. Thanks for any feedback.


So I’m not sure yet if I want to do a 3D or 2D rendition. Maybe I’ll do one of each. Anyway my idea is to show a huge fleet of intergalactic spacecraft bombarding earth or a planet like earth. The view would be from the bridge of the fleets flagship. The admiral in his throne, surrounded by his staff and bridge officers. All of them transfixed on the specticle before them. The fall of Terran Prime.

I guess I’m mostly inspired by the death star blowing up planets. There is also a song by THE CULT that has some lyics talking about ships burning off the coast of Orion or something like that. Also at the end of Blade runner the robot talks about seeing ships burning in space. I just love the idea of this huge fleet just laying into a planet but with a WWII battleship theme. I’m also a huge starblazer fan :slight_smile:

If you have any thoughts throw them my way. I guess I’ll just mess around with some more ideas, it being so early on, but I am fond of this image right now.


You probably heard of gunbuster (top o Nerae) as well then.

It starts a bit silly as a girls/mecha anime, but it soons gets better and the last episode (in black and white) ends in a true space opera style with us earthlings fighting 300.000.000 alien ships long enough for the black hole bomb (gunbuster 3) to start imploding taking with it the core of our galaxy. Off course it fails and a sacrifice has to be made by the two heroes of the story, they survive but arrive home more than 10.000 years later as the others, is earth still there?

With superb ships like the Luxion, Exelion en Eltreum (old en small to new and large), but especially the Exelion has been worked out because most of the action takes place around and in this ship.

It even has a Tokyo subway style metro running through the ship, and there is this scene where you see a freighttrain running in the background, remember its still a space ship.


oh my that looks pretty wicked at this point. I’m sure once you work out the details it’ll be kickass



Quick massing to work out the composition. I might give it a more film aspect ratio. Is there a final render size or aspect ratio. Anyway, a wider view might make it look more epic.


Great beginning so far!

I think that th ratio is 22 cm by 30 cm with 300 dpi. Can be portrait or landscape. As it’s written in the rules.

Good luck with your piece!


wow looks great! If its as good as your WWII German Mecha work, then Im gonna love it!


wow that’s fast! Just wondering, will the rest of the generals have slightly different poses? Or will they all stand at attention like your last render? I think both ways work, depending on their characteristics and what you wish for. Just a thought!



Did a little work on the ships. Started by making a few sketches. I wanted to go with a battleship type look. I’m not sure if I like the big fin in the front. It was inspired by the bows of dreadnoughts which I always thought looked cool. Thanks for any feedback.


kick a$$ ship but the fins looks out of place… I really like the battle ship like the WWII style battleships… what happen to the rest of the scenes? updates!! :thumbsup:

btw how to get that glow kinda effect on ur ship? i need to learn how to do that… thanks!


hey those drawigns are looking really good… keep it up… i’ll b waiting for some more updates…! :thumbsup: best of luck mate


Thanks for the feedback. I got rid of the fins and worked on making it look more menacing.


haha now it looks really menacing nice job! :thumbsup: how do u do that glow effect again? sorry im newbie :bounce:


THanks Time. The Bloom effect is in max but as a script and it doesn’t come as an activated feature. Plus I didn’t find any documentation about it, just read about it on a message board.

Go to your 3dsMax6/scripts/pluginscripts folder and grab the “” file. Copy it to your 3dsMax6/plugins folder. You can actually copy any of those scripts to try them out. The rendereffect scripts, like the bloom are really cool. Thanks to Trip for helping me out with this.

To access the bloom, in Max6, go to Rendering—>Effects, then click add and select the specular bloom. You’ll have to play around with the spec on your objects as well as the settings.


I’m starting to dig this project more and more. I think I have the composition figured out. I just added the ships to the scene and that resulted in some shifts in the view. I wanted to put the vanishing point somewhere on the planet. Also wanted to show more of the fleet. I know it’s bad to make decisions that way, but I really like how they are coming along :slight_smile: Anway here it is. Now I can start making a laundry list and start making all the little details. Next I’ll probably start on the characters and bridge itself.


The war that had ravaged the colonized galaxies for decades finally ended as the Terran Homeworld could no longer defend itself and was beaten into submission by the colonial fleet. Days later the Terrans would surrender unconditionally and their exploitation of the colonized worlds would end. This ushered in a new era of free trade, discovery, innovation and the beginning of the Expansionist Age of Man.


Worked out the details of the battleships that make up the colonial fleet.


Have the basic framework of the image modeled.


Ooops. Sorry for the duplicate posts. I just realized that we have to submit the images in through the uploads :slight_smile: That’s why there are the three images in a row. Shouldn’t happen again.


Consider removing some of the bars in front of the window, I like better what you had done in the sketch with the window a little cleaner. I’m looking forward those explosions in the planet below!