Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: taavi torim


Ok, here is the final pic!
Thanx for the opportunity to participate this challenge! This is my first BIG 3d challenge and i learnt a lot during this. (I had never modelled complex human body before)
I used C4d and Photoshop. Polygon account is more than 100 :wink:
And accountless number of working hours gathered while verything was created via error/mistake method.
Thanx for Your CGsupport ! :applause: :applause:
Good luck to everyone and may your computer processors will be really speedy tonight!

I Added again the story which is related to the picture:
Far in a distant future the interstellar spaceships are highly autonomous “living organisms”. Thanks to highly developed nanotecnology, the spaceships are able to repair and develop independently, without human distruption. During long journeys, what might take decades, they collect all kind of tecnological information. Sometimes those vast “beings” land on planets and ship habitants make temporary colony. The mothership capsules itself and becomes inacessible. The upgrading may take years and after completing the upgrade, the ship will leave old “snake skin” behind. I’ll try to seize the moment , when the ship starts the new cycle of its life.


I just wanted to add a collage from the details :slight_smile:
Hope U like!


Hi there! Well done I must say. The details are amazing. There is great unique mood on your final picture, my congratulations.


somehow I missed you’re awesome entry

your use of colors are great, I love your designs man… I preferred the white light you had earlier on the engines on the ship bottom left…
non the less, well done… you got my vote…


Congratulations on finishing your entry, nice colours and great visuals, Good luck! :slight_smile:


AirBorn- thnx anf good luck, too :slight_smile:

Versiden-thanx for stepping by :slight_smile:
I am glad that U like it. … I have misse also some awesome threads- juts too much work with all of this + my everday job too…

Arturro-thnx! Hope to See your final soon too!! :))


I just wanted to say that this GSO challenge really rocks :buttrock: :buttrock:
Jury will have a really complicated task-the quality of the entries is really outstanding!

Long live GSO ! :applause: :applause:


Really great and epic final mate! :thumbsup: I like a lot all those clear textures mate!
It was really a pleasure and a great motivation watching your vision grow!

Wishing the best on your entry!


Very stylish!

Congratulations on reaching the finishing line with this one, Taavi!


Terraarc: I am vrey happy if U like my work :slight_smile: -i spent a lot of time but also i learned a lot. Also i wish U will finish Your entry if possible :slight_smile:
JamesMK: Thnx, wabbit :slight_smile: And once more-congrats that U were able to finish it,too!


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:
Greate piece of SIFI art in here.


Hey, UNI!
Thnx :slight_smile:


Very nice image Taavi. :thumbsup:
Nice shapes and mood, a real pleasure for the eye.
Congratulations! :applause:


Hi PROctavian!
I am glad that u like my work&thnx for stepping by :slight_smile:


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