Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: taavi torim


Thnx for your feedback! heres another update… Hope U like it… I will add distant city towers to the right corner, also small spaceship & persons to the left corner… Also lot of stuff on the ground too…
Lighting needs lot of work-i think that finally it would be darker and the ship has more local lights…
Sorry about my bad english-its 3 am almost and i am falling asleep all the time :slight_smile: Goodnight!


Thats awesome!!! Now this is really great… you can see how huge everything is… just looks super cool… keep it up.


Nice going with the composition taavi…waiting for sore props…nothing to crit. :slight_smile:


Late nights for us all it seems taavi…very nice update.I think your vessel/ship could be even closer to the camera.It looks very nice,and you should show it off even more so…Nothing to hide here…I think whats important here within this challenge is “pivotal moment” A “Sense of Awe”…and or action within a scene…The size is a factor of course,but I think as long as you have enough grandness all will be well…But in the end the most important will be what I mentioned above and of course most importantly the actual eye candy…modeling and textures,lighting etc.etc…

Nice job here,nice overall plan and well done keep this up,your doing a very nice job…:arteest: :arteest:


Hi taavi,

great landscape :wip: I like those mountains and this moon. It gives an overall depth into your image. Maybe your moon could vanish to the bottom?


Thank You for Your feedback!
Virtuoso- You are right!
I will update soon the main pic.
theuni- i will add some stars and maybe the sun tooo. i think the vanishing sould be done during poswork :slight_smile:

I was in a short vacation-and schedule is now really tight!


tavi this ship is UBER COOL! :smiley:


Hers the final textures+lighting of the small ship.


Just say nice style and color :thumbsup:
like to see more :bounce:


If this ship was real I really would like to take a ride with it :thumbsup:


I never seen spaceship like this before!! your work is unique and have your own style:thumbsup:


I created another ship design as well. It will be somewhere in backround-so i wont add too many details. I have to play a bit with materials and lighting. I guess the basic design is done :slight_smile:


Wishing the best on the year arrived! :slight_smile:

I like the new helmet ship mate…details are working great for a BG element…:thumbsup:


i ve been really busy at work and challenges deadline is really close… :frowning:
I managed to continue body modelling. this is my first human character which have reached so far…
I wil add some armour&gadgets. AND HAPPY 2005 :slight_smile:


Your vessel/ship designs continue to look very nice,A very fine almost organic appeal with smooth flowing lines…And your character is coming along well.And for a first one excellent.Keep at it Taavi,your work is coming along very nicely…:arteest: :arteest:


Looking great man. I know the process very well. Keep at it.


Hi again! I tried to focus on modelling and i started to model the helmet. hereis the first result.
Thanx All for support! It really motivates me to finish the the scene :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Very nice, but looks more decorative than protective. If that was the point, then perfect! if not, try to make it more massive and a little bit more closed.


Hi Arturro!
Thx for your feedback. I think it should be more decorative. Like some kind of “elvish” helmet. Id like to give sreeamlined and light look to all accesories i will add to the body…


helmet 99% finished, i will start modelling the body armour and clothes