Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: taavi torim


… Then i copy&pasted the texture into photshop, made different layer setups and flattened those into separate bumpmaps, colourmaps and so on!

Hope U will have some use to it…


Some extra views…


Inner view…


hope u wont get bored …


nice tavi!:thumbsup:
really like thhis!.. just i would add more detail on end of (spikes?) in back… and this glass material looks more to me like plastic… try to fix that :smiley:


Great updates… :applause:


I hae been busy with other works for a while. You all guys are doing areally superb work! The challenge will be really tough!

I started to create materials for the wnvironment/here are stone material samples.


I proceeded a bit with the bigger ship. i added some bumps, revisited some materials and “started” engines


i started modelling the cocoon or eggshell from where the huge ship starts its journey. Added some human models for comparing the sizes…


Hi! It has been a while i had a chance to proceed with my Opera project. I had a chance to participate our national euro-coin challenge. This one took all my free time but it wasa really good experience!
About space opera:Right now i am forming the landsape and creating come characters. Heres the first WIP of the final compo. PS you are all doing a really great work! :slight_smile: I am honoured to be one of the challengers


shame on me that I’ve missed this thread… just too many of us here:shrug:

your mountains are very good! and whole environment seem well maid. models are top quality. My only remark now is the planet on the left. It seems to be just over the mountains, on the middleground, not in the backgound… maybe fog it more and hide some part of it… you can check how I maid my planets ni the background… quite similar case…


Arturro, thank You for Your comments! The planet is a bit weird indeed but i hope to make it better afterwards during postwork. I will adds ome extra planets and stars too :slight_smile:


very cool man I love your models really great I fallow all your pages and stuff you uploaded it’s awesome I can’t wait to see them in action and composition. GL


Heres my head model wip. I think ill add some chars to the foreground, on the edge of the cliff. They are watching how this big spaceship is getting out of cocoon… Anyway, this is so far my most “completed” head model. hope i manage to add the body too !


Hey nice to see you’re moving man! :thumbsup: I like your little lady here! Your composition looks really promising…waiting for more! :slight_smile:


Everytime I log on here I try to visit some threads I have yet to see, and everytime I find a dozen or so that rock and this is one of them. Lol, I was just about to update with my latest updates and then I see such a similar shape… totally different application of the shape but the principal of it seems so close… scary. Anyway, great work. I am quite interested in the furthered development of this. BTW, did your coin win?


Thnx Terraarc :slight_smile: i try force my muse to visit me more often :slight_smile:


I visited your thread -and i think we have a bit similar style - i think your is more “Gieger” like :slight_smile: Thank U for your comment !

My coin is in 4. place :slight_smile: (there were 143 contestants-not so much than in Space Opera-so it was easier to get into top :slight_smile: 10 )


good modeling … awaiting the body =)


Yes it’s been quite a while taavi…But I see you picked up right where you left off with some very nice continued work…Nice modeling,and the whole entry is done in a very nice way,some very good qulaity and ideas…really nice job taavi…I wish you the best as you move towards that finishline,work hard,have fun and all the bset…:arteest: :arteest: