Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: taavi torim


Hi Taavi

I’ve been following your thread with great interest. :slight_smile:
Good modeling style and cool design, also the shading is looking good now… IMO in first textures your ship was loosing the scale but with the last updates i see were you´re going. I love the way the textures are revealing the different layers of the ship and helping to see the “deepness” of it. I agree with the lighting being an important factor whe it comes to scale. Maybe a little haze at distance helps in giving away his large size.
As for reflection or not, you could try to make it a little reflective but not much, because it could make the shapes hard to “read”… maybe a blurred reflection, where the near volumes would appear a bit more sharp then the far ones, totally blurred, and thus, not bringing up too much reflection “noise” to the surfaces shading… my two cents though.
The Gissler looks great, i love the helmet shape.

Keep up the good work :thumbsup:



I like the fliying helmet! But I’m still don’t figure how you can get that nice and clean renders! :thumbsup:


bahhh>>>>!!! heheh if thats what you can do on the slow time =/ well lets just say your really fast lol


Awsome design! Looks very epic!:thumbsup:


taavi…very nice,a nice flow and design.Smooth and pleasing to the eye,a almost organic look…Nice to see and I look forward to more,you are doing a very nice job here,keep at it strong…:arteest:


Hi All! And thnx for the feedback :slight_smile:
Here is a small update. I started to add details and i removed textures for a while.


Garyhanna: thnx for Your kind words :slight_smile:

Deadly Force: Thnx! I am considering about using some transperent materials as well. And not so much specularity… Maybe in future we can use “intelligent materials” which can turn transparent, change shape and be as strong as steel…

:zepedro:: thank you for your encoragement and suggestions! The blurred reflexion is good idea. I have to play with Cinema shader setup-i dont know can i make such kind of textures.

vrhead: thnx :slight_smile: i think that i am ab it slow in modelling-because i am still learning the tricks & stuff. And sometimes i have to remodel some stuff x2 or x3 to get good result…

terraarc: good thnx! And have nice epic month :bounce:

Virtuoso: I’ll try to keep it strong… Using all my force :slight_smile:


Ps… Plaguelord - I use “unsharp mask” filter in photohop to sharpen images a bit :slight_smile:


Modeling and design of the ships is really beautiful.

Cool work! :thumbsup:



thanks Tavi, I found the sharpen filter very powerful, I added it to my post-ps work :slight_smile:
But, I’m talking about all, the lighting, reflections, materials, is more like a “style” that you have, not a “technique”. Or maybe both!:thumbsup:

keep updating! the helmet looks better, but personally I will make it more “spaceship” and less “helmet”.


Cool flying helmet :scream: Really great idea about the helmet :thumbsup: Keep it up!


Quite detailed so far! I wonder what the size of the ship will be on the final composition! Are you going to use any bump,displace,normal map on the models? I’m a little anxious on the polycount :shrug::shrug: (don’t mind meeee)

(last year I’ve been working mostly low-poly and I worry about poor memory :))


Hi ! Here are some samples of textured ship. On upper wing i used bumpmaps i made in illustrator and then converted to photoshop. If U are interested, ill upload explaining workflow…


here is another view… hope U like it!
Maybe I tweak the interior design and some textures, but i think its 90% done :slight_smile:


Hi Taavi. Pic looks great. Good luck. :applause: Claireabella


Ohh man, now that youve added the textures it looks better then ever before, its superb!I wouldnt mind if you uploaded the workflow of doing the textures :slight_smile:


WOW :eek: great job on the modeling and texturing looks awesome! keep it man!


Thank U all :smiley: !
I’ll do some minor adjustments in interior, maybe add some details (like antennaes) and tune the textures. And i will add some explanational pics as well :slight_smile:


Nice textures!:thumbsup: Are you going to add some “used” look on it? Just curious on what will the feeling of the final composition be…:slight_smile: Also waiting for the explanation pics :bounce::bounce:


Hi here is smal sample how i did the upper wing texture. Actualli its really simple. I Took snapshot of the wings wireframe and imported it into illustrator. I used it like blueprint. I have some cool patternfonts, which i used. Just choose the font, type for excample “AAAAAA”, change kerning a bit closer, duplicate rows and voila U have cool pattern!