Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: taavi torim


Hi All! i really appreciate Your opinions and constructive critics :slight_smile:

Virtuoso: i’ll try to take care not to fall too deeply into texturing and forgetting the main goal :slight_smile: This is my most complicated 3d-still pic so far and i am on my way of learning how to model & texture complicated forms and how to build scenes. I hope i found the way how to create more details with subd surfaces without getting completely mad :slight_smile:
thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

cocoknight-the materials are in testing phase right now, i will try different ways :slight_smile:

M@-thnx, the idea of playing around spec and reflection is worth of trying!

Deadly Force- U are right -this is just the beginning

Terraarc- Thnx! Btw. textures were made In illustrator. I created some layers with square shaped forms , combined some patterns , converted to photoshop and used the bmaps in bump and luminosity channel

Garyhanna- A. Reynolds work is really enjoyable! Have You read his other books too? Like Absolution Gap?


plaguelord- Thanx!
The trick i sometimes use is photsoshop’s unsharpen filter. It makes the rendered image look more sharper and crisper.
Right now i use common 3-point lighting system- 1 key / 1 rim and 1 fill light plus some additional ones for reflecting light from the ground.

Dimitris!.. :slight_smile:


Awesome Concept:applause:
Hope to see the other stages!


Fantastic concepts and amazing modelling…:thumbsup:


Wow that’s great job :eek:… really love the textured version… looks so alien lol… Kepp it up mate :thumbsup:


I have to say that I am deeply impressed with the sense of scale and the beauty of your design. I cant wait to see the final scene in all its glory.

Keep up the good work…:thumbsup:


Here is another small step forward… I am trying to make more details. I am still thinking about main type of shader- should the ship surface be more reflective … or the cpec more softer? What U think?


Uahhh… Getting sleepy :slight_smile: Just an overall pic how far modelling and texturing is right now…


loven it… i am to sexy… for my cat , to sexy for my cat ! :smiley:


i am too sexy … for my bed… ? goodnight :slight_smile:


ahhaahah … good night mate :d


Great model.
And i like the idea/concept a lot. Keep working.
1 Suggestion: maybe you shoud consider some detail very close to the camera for the final render, something creeping through the land or sometjhing, just to add a sense depth to the scene. Just an idea.

I cant wait to see it finished


Verry good. Lovely textures, when I started to reed this thred and saw the model I was thinking to myself that this would look good in a goldish colour, and wht do you know I was right I t looks verry good in that colour, looking forward do se some more.



Keeping your’s and markovicd. spirit: Aaahhhh push it!

And you’re keep pushing it with more details and modelling :wip:


Color really adds a whole other level to this composition. Alot of details that I couldn’t make out before jump out now.


Hi! I have been busy with my work and thatswhy progress has been slow :frowning: Here is a first sample of personal antigravi gisller. Needs still a lot of work but basic model is ready. I hope U like it :slight_smile:


:surprised Stunned


Thnx Sqibbit! :slight_smile:

Some explanational words as well: The shape of the old helmet was intentional. Big flying helmet- why not! I tried not to follow ordinary spaceship design concept. I am not sure how i will succeed, but that is the result… Thanx to antigravitational engines, i have more "artisitic " freedom-no need for big rocket engines :slight_smile:
Right now i have troubles with designing “middle class” spaceships- the shape should be original too and so far i have not found nothing that will satisfy me.
I gave rest to the mother ship for a while and i try to start schetcing the landscape soon.

Thank you for Your constructive critic and opinions And good luck


The Gissler is looking great. I like the uncoventional design you gave it.


Woah ! cool model !
No crits so far…

About your question, I think that the more advanced your civilisation is the more you could add specularity and make it look shiny. But it depends of your final lighting too, because too much spec could destroy the nice shapes of your model…

Just an idea though, because I love dirty looking models in space…:shrug: