Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: taavi torim


VEry interesting design. Nice and clean which I like. The only tiny disapointment I am feeling is that it feels too symetrical, this design is screaming for some elements and components to make it more asymetrical. I am sure you have an idea you want to pursue, so I’ll look forward to watching your progress.

Great work!


Very nice.Remind me on 5th element first ship.Looking very good,nice model.:thumbsup:



Very interesting model!


Great, great ship model and concept. Your inspiring! I especially like the detail work on the ship to give it a strong sense of scale.

I look forward to your progress!


Hi taavi…I think you have the makings of a very nice Space Opera.Very nice start on the modeling,a detailed clean piece of work.Nice design,style as well.Keep up the very nice work and effort.:arteest:


I am really happy that U like my project -it gives a lot of strenght to proceed !

Airborn- thanx for your crit! I think ill teake a short inspirational break- watch some scifi movies or something :slight_smile: I will add some details and textures ,which will make the model less symmetrical.

Willywo- Thnx! There is indeed some kind of similarity !

Virtuoso, Rex3d and Carratala, i really appreciate your kind words :slight_smile:


The ship is really elegant and well designed. I loved your modeling so far.



Taavi, very impressive work! Can’t wait to see the textures for this sweet design, though I have a feeling that the key will be what you do for internal lighting. Keep it up!


I realy like your concept and the ship is looking great. Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


one of the most original space ship designs- thats for sure!


Hi! Here are some updates! I started to create some abstract textures and shaders for upper part of the ship. Also i managed to proceed a bit with modelling.


Here is the side view. Hope that U like :). I planned to add to all main parts some glowing complicated abstract patterns. So i am working on it right now


I think the modeling is very nice,pretty detailed,and a interesting design…I think the abstract textures are good to a degree,but if you go too deep with them,they could take away from the modeling,the flow,the smoothness you have with your modeling…It’s a fine line,but I am sure you will not cross it,and again this is a taste thing…I like your entry,it’s a nice start with alot of promise…:arteest:


Though I like the textures wery much I feel that they make the ship appear smaller as it’s suposed to be. I think it’s too plastic-like, too reflective, but depending on what you’ve got in mind to add in the future there might be no problem with that.


I like those textures.
I agree on both cocoknight’s and Virtuoso’s comments :

  • it looks quite small ( maybe adding more detailled textures everywhere can give the level of detail we expect from very big objects - lighting will play a key role too)

  • but the smoothness of your shapes was very interresting too, and in order to keep that flow visible, I think your texturing should be subtle and playing with specular/reflection maps and not be too contrasted (which would interfere with the lighting , thus the comprehension of volumes)

keep it up, this can lead to a seriously stunning picture !


Hi Taavi

It’s my first challenge as well and I look forward to getting underway. I am a fan of Chasm City as well. Very inspirational stuff. Look forward to seeing your progress


I agree with the others :
while the modeling is great it is still difficult to figure out the real size of the object.
But this is just the beginning…


Great model and texture! I wish I’ll end up with this quality of textures!
Keep it up :thumbsup:


OMG! how do you get that quality?? your renders look too clean and nice, can give some tips about lighting/enviroment ?
The model is beatyful and I love the textures, I hope to see more soon!!


Awesome work mate!..just awesome! :slight_smile: