Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: taavi torim


amazing modeling skills,
this is nice idea i only recommend you make the world look huge i mean why don you try to give this thing you made another construction like or bigger space giant ship to be on.

very nice job i think you will make something that equals giants here.:thumbsup:


Very interesting design u have on your craft taavi :thumbsup:
And impressive modeling … Maybe u could make and a docking station for many of these (just a thought that poped as i was looking the general shape of your ship…)…beautiful work. :wip:

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hey i’ll say it too … nice modelling … it’s got that faberge’ egg feel to it … very clean looking work and real curious to see whats coming next


That model looks great!
Very clean.
And your consept is cool. looking forward to see it building up.

I think I’ll join this challenge too. Just need permission to create a topic :slight_smile:

good luck!


Hi! here is the side view of the ship. Outer layers are divided into 8 similar sections.


Hi! Thanx You all for supportive attitude :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Id like to upload another image,too but right now the internet connection is bad :argh:

Dimitris- I am planning instead of docking station some kind of “eggshell” where this ship is developed.

Designer2- the ship is meant to be really huge-compared anything else on final pic. I hope i can somehow make this trick

Borro- thanx for advices! I am not so shure about final compos camera angle- is the POV really low or maybe above the ship? Lets see…

Have a creative evening (or morning or midday or…:slight_smile: ) !



Some details added-like antennaes and i started moddeling the inner layer of the ship.


awesome modelling, that ships looks great! Very original design.


Those little antennea are hinting at the scale of this ship. Probably will become more apparent as you add detail.


Great ship, I like the shape a lot. I could imagine those long curved pieces on the outside each eminating a glow of some sort and encapsulating the ship so that it looks like a shield or something.


Now thats a great ship! The onion stucture does the trick :thumbsup:
Gonna be folowing this tread :slight_smile:


very nice structure, I’m liking that. One crit though : maybe a bit too much in the eight radial symmetry. Some symmetry breakings (at least of the radial symmetry, maybe some bilateral symmetry somewhere) would give a nice touch, less artificial.

Keep it up!


m@ i think has a strong point… :wink:


Dimitris- I am planning instead of docking station some kind of “eggshell” where this ship is developed.

…that’s even better… :bounce:


I want one of these in my living room. It’s such an awesome design, I really love it! I couldn’t imagine texturing that though, it’d be a nightmare to UV map! LOL

I’m definitely keeping an eye on this.


Very nice modeling, very alienish.


Very different. Maybe for a sence of grand scale you can show a bunch of these cast into space in an ion storm.

My Space Opera Entry


I am proceeding with the ship model, soon its time for texturing… I added some houses to the scene just for comparison. So if it will ever land in your backyard, it might look like that…
Hope U like it!


The same scene but different angle :slight_smile:


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

M@!-Your point is constructive-i hope to repair it by applying different textures on ship. The lower part ot ship is not so radially symmetrical-i hope that the overall pic is a bit better!
I am open for your crit and suggestions :slight_smile:

Take care and happy rendering :bounce:


Great job on the modeling, but please post more info… Like rendering info, lighting etc. Keep it up!