Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: taavi torim


taavi torim has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: details

I just wanted to add a collage from the details :slight_smile:
Hope U like!


This is my first challenge in cgnetworks i attend to take part of. I watched really closely last MachineFlesh challenge and I really enjoyed it! But i didnt dare to participate-it seemed to me like a “fight of giants” :slight_smile:
But here is the description of my entry

Far in a distant future the interstellar spaceships are highly autonomous “living organisms”. Thanks to highly developed nanotecnology, the spaceships are able to repair and develop independently, without human distruption. During long journeys, what might take decades, they collect all kind of tecnological information. Sometimes those vast “beings” land on planets and ship habitants make temporary colony. The mothership capsules itself and becomes inacessible. The upgrading may take years and after completing the upgrade, the ship will leave old “snake skin” behind. I’ll try to seize the moment , when the ship starts the new cycle of its life.


Hi taavi! I also watched the recent challenges. I entered the alienware challenge, but after submitting my concept sketch, I became so busy doing schoolworks, and I was not able to finish the challenge. Hopefully, I can finsh it this time. For that, I welcome both of us in this challenge! Good luck! Honestly, I can alot of things happening in your sketch!


here is a sample of the ships skeleton and overall shape


looks elegant, can barely wait to see some wips. best of luck :slight_smile:


hey seems very interesting concept u got there… i wud love to c some more of ur interesting drawings…


Your concept is really awesome! Removing humans from the equation really changes the whole nature of the story–I’ll be watching this thread.




Another view. The spaceship has a onion-like structure, many layers covering each other.
Hope U like it!


Thanx for support! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Actually the idea was ispired by Alstair Reynolds and his 2 books: Chasm City and Absolution Gap. Tthe novels are really hmmm… mindblowing. Asimov might look “oldfashioned” compared to Reynolds (sorry Asimov fans (including me :p)


really cool! :slight_smile:


Hey, very nice concept, quite similar in essence with what I’m going for. Now you get me intrigued by Alstair Reynolds, never heard of him… gotta check that.
Good luck for your entry and have fun!


very nice model so far. Can’t wait to see more.


What type of Coloring and shaders are you planning for you mother ship?

Looks great!


Hi everyone!
Thnx for encouraging! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I think i will create textures with photoshop-acrtually oi dont know yet - i have still time to decide :slight_smile:


I’m really diggin that model! looking really cool there.


Here is a small update…


Hi, nice modeling. The detail looks fine for now :). I would advise you to tell us more on how you do your modeling, that will help you in the long run ;). Your idea for an image doesn’t look bad even more it looks great :). I’ll just advise you to make the angle of view weirder(thats a bonus to an image). I’ll keep an eye on you, don’t hezitate to ask any questions. Good luck!


Wow damn that looks great so far.
You dont seem to be wasting any time.
Great work :bounce:


Very good so far. I suppose the last “layer” will be deposited on the ground around it. Interesting idea.


like it very much!
it looks so elegant like it is used by kings :slight_smile: