Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Syed Ali Imran Zaidi


Syed Ali Imran Zaidi has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


Hi & Hello Everyone …
I am a member of CGTalk for last 4 months, I always comments and critic on your work and rendered output but I had never post any of my work in this forum so I take a decision to participate in this GSO not for win the prizes only for participating…

My theme are as under:
When I come to Dubai I really inspired to the moderen architecture so I decide it to portray the nice and elegant look of Sheikh Zayed Road and the worst traffic jam in this reagion.
In my work I finnaly rendered day & night scenes of this highway. So my work title is
The Traffic Jam In Dubai [color=white]I think this is the big problem here, so I mention it as an atrist.[/color]

I ever welcome comments and critic


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