Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stuart C Macdonald


Congratulations on finishing your entry, it is very interseting and I love the sense of scale you captured. :slight_smile: GOod luck!


I like it a lot.
very cool idea and comosition.
You may have been able to push it just a bit more, but it still works very well.

best of luck!


wonderful image. I like the cloudy sky and the awesome ships. really good work.


Final image - ‘Storm Flight’

Just had some minor touching up to the sky background to do, otherwise it would’ve bugged me :slight_smile:

Good Luck all.


Hey Stuart,

Good job with the image, it has a nice feel to it. Good luck .


Amazing stile!
Cool water shader…is it maya?

GOOD LUCK!:slight_smile:


Hey there,
Nope, not Maya, just a combination of standard 3d Max materials ( falloff and noise for the most part ) nested together for bump and ambient channels, and a displacement map created in Photoshop for the larger waves.
The wake is a copy of selected polys of the main water which are tesselated further then displaced with a wake map, the material is a falloff material using the displacement map as a mask between the water shader and a foam map. The wake object is then placed just under the water so it projects the wake through the water.
Hope that helps, good luck with your entry Alladin.


Haven’t seen this image yet…but I saw it while voting…which is a good thing…cause it surely got a vote from me…awesome ships…great idea… :thumbsup:


I have to say I LOVE this so much, what a fantastic composition. Well done :thumbsup: Goodluck


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