Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stuart C Macdonald


I liked the design of your craft very much. Very original and innovative.

If you like I may add comments.
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I’d move the pods bit to the left, they are ‘escaping’ from the image bit too much now. Otherwise new composition looks really nice.


Nice concept. Hurry up,i want you to finish it before 17;-)


Right another fairly busy day but I got this knocked up. I figured I would use the pod as a basis to create the city habitats so there would be continuity in the designs ( and it saved a wee bit of modelling time, lazy sod that I am :slight_smile: ). Hopefully the texturing ( start tomorrow, fingers x-ed ) should held add scale, might add some more detail but with the effects and depth cue it might not need anymore.


azazel: yep I was thinking the same, the lead pod needs to be approaching the viewer a little more, I can iron out these once I’m positioning the pods hopefully.

darkone2652: hehe, I’m trying :slight_smile: Another late 'un tonight I think and a few more until the 17th. Hopefully I’ll fluke a decent lighting and effects setup as I don’t have much fiddling time…

kuzgunoglu: Thanks for the feedback mate, I’ll be sure to drop by your thread, good luck finishing it off mate.

Right, pod textures now…


Good idea for the composition. I think that beside moving the foreground pods more to the center, you may add more of them in the middle and background. That would emhasize a grand spirit of the picture.


I agree, I was thinking of trying to retain the stream of pods feel from the original composition, i’ll just need to watch I don’t clutter the scene.
Hopefully i’ll have some sort of pod texturing posted tomorrow…


the models are looking very good now. What software are U using? look`s like Maya…


Just good 'ol Max5 and Brazil for the rendering.

The pod shells took me a bit as I used poly meshes then nurms subdivision turned on to smooth them out, not too used to that as coming from games it has been pretty much all editable mesh work. I figured this would be a good exercise in using editable poly modelling.


Hey Stuart,

The new concept layout is nice, I really like the designs of your models. Look forward to more and hope you find the time to finish.


ahh, the missus decided we should paint the hall today, so only got a wee bit of texturing done.
Still hoping to get the pod and city textured by end of Sunday tho’…


…well just got the mechanical gubbins left to texture. Taking longer that I’d hoped, not much time left so I’m hoping to cap this off tomorrow, after that I need to set up the scene properly and start working up the effects ( smoke, seaspray/wave crests, big lazer of destruction, depth cue, sky backdrop, etc. ) that’ll pull the whole scene together.


That pod was i liked before. Wear and tear effect and dirt over the paint is good. Will you make the ball glass or something?


right, that’s the pod textured, next the city then scene composition…


great job mate! I would only add more dark dirt on the engine(from the smoke, etc). I’m waiting for the city:)


right, a quick stab at the city texturing. The city sits well into the background so the textures don’t need to be overly detailed, just give an impression. The steam and lazer will be in front of the lead ciy as well, i’ll need to set up the lead city in its destroyed state as well…


Thanks for the encouragement Arturro, it’s appreciated :slight_smile:

You’re right, it does need some more dirt on the mechanics of the ship, i’ll stick some more on later.

Need to get the composition set up now as I’ll need to get to the rendering stage pretty quickly now.


Just a quick test comp, righthand pod needs moved out, plus there’s a lot still to go into the scene ( big lazer, steam, fin wake under lead ship, lots of distant ship, and a sky! )
erk, it’s 2:20 and my alarm goes off at 5:45… g’night all.


Hey mistermac! … what a nice work are you doing here, very good design and textures with the ships … with a nice background your image its going to be awesome … hope you have time to finish …


Got the lazer in and background sky texture - hard time getting enough reference and working in photoshop to create a 3636 pixel wide image. I can mess around with tints for it later maybe. Got the wake to work on next then the steam from the sea and city destruction