Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stephan Theunissen


Hey Kragh,

I´m sad about hearing you quit the challange. But man I just got to say this to you… I am a graphic designer and for that I am very focused on the visual part of this life. :eek:


Playing around with the lightning of the moon… also teaked the moon texture a bit to get a rougher look.


DOn’t be afraid of the shadow:) I think you can try to make it even darker and cover a bigger aprt of the moon with it. Now the best is the lower right picture.


hi Stephan - what a night eh?

I like the moon - it seems to be too near though. Your most distant mountains and the horizon are a little blurred and appear far away but the moon is clearer and looks much closer than the mountains, too close to the planet to orbit.

Maybe if you had some smaller finer details and blurred the moon a bit it would look bigger.

Like the development of the picture a lot. I’m going to try to motivate myself this afternoon :slight_smile:


Hi Stephan, stopped by to wish u all the best on the last few steps before the finishing line…

u’re on track, keep it up:thumbsup:


Still lightning the moon. Added now some blue and brown to the texture and a back glow for dramatic. Still not satisefied with the bump map. Ethan your right it looks to cracky and gives the impression of being to near to the planet. Got to fix this.


beautifull escene…very cool the clouds and the sea and the moon great work.
good look:thumbsup:


Finally I tweaked those lights for the watchpoint around and got to this result. Also updated the eye texture with veins and a more detailed iris.


looks good my friend, and now run go iwth the final one! Fire some final composiitons:twisted:


Very good work :slight_smile:
Render, Forrest! Render! :bounce: :bounce:


my favorite update is the hole in the rock! nice touch.

looking darker and more realistic. Keep on truckin’ 'cuz time is short.


Thx guys for your comments. This is going to be very tight for finishing this contest. But hey let´s make night to days :smiley:


looks good and stylish:thumbsup:


Here comes a major “Tweak” Update on the planet. I place some additional lights for the mountains and adjusted the way the planet takes the major light from left to right. I also did some big tweaks on the texture itself and the some little pinches on the models of the background mountains. Now it`s time for the rendering milestone to show how this image will be set up and parallel I will put in the meteors with their post effects… some little post effects in PS and I hopefully will be through with the whole thing tomorrow morning.


O.K. I think I´m ready for the next Step… Final Comp & Post Effects. Since Max does have a problem rendering video glow effects above 3000px I got to take this part into PS.


  1. Starbackground
  2. Moon
  3. Background Meteors
  4. Planet Layer
  5. Foreground Meteors
  6. Meteor Trails
  7. Watchpoint

I may add some additional video post layer in PS in between.


hi theuni! ur almost there eh?:slight_smile: its very inspiring to watch ur work! ull get there and good luck!
and again beautifull.:thumbsup:


Here is the first composite. Just simply put together the finally rendered images. Now there is still a lot work left in PS… Check out this thread cause I hope to post some more this night… c&c welcome


Very great progress since I was here last. You have done an great job. I would recommend softening up some of the landing devices in the background a bit with some blurring or something, they seem to sharp. Keep it up, that finished should be here soon!


I made some overall major post effects on the different layers of the image and corrected some render bugs. I also added a whole bunch of new layers and I think my machine now is in hell :slight_smile: Tomorrow will be some last updates on the meteor trail and the writing of the final story of course.


Trails behind the meteors are wonderful! Only this glow behind the moon(on the right side) does not fit there. It should be on the bottom, where the moon is slightluy lighten, behind the dark side there shouldn’t be one. And if you want to leave it there, you should also add one a bit stronger on the bottom of the moon, so that it’s all around.