Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stephan Theunissen


Hi there theuni :bounce:

The new idea sounds really good btw :thumbsup: maybe the watchpoints (as they are spider-like) could use a kind of bio web to catch meteors too or to jump from, I’m picturing a blue glowing (rather like the red of the meteors) mesh wrapped around the foreground stone. It’s a bit late and major at this stage to suggest something like that though I suppose… sorry! :rolleyes:

As for the trails… difficult decision, I’m guessing tht you’ve tried a whole load of methods so wont comment, but concentrating on adding motion blur to enhance the movement would be a plus.

All looking awsome though, keep it up!! :bounce: :beer:


The secrets behind uvw unwrap…Are blood…sweat…& tears…:arteest:

…Looking real nice Stephan,keep at it.And good luck with your next step…:arteest:


looks like you are inspired by matrix sentinels, nice. hm, the fire is very ugly.


Hi Everyone… just wanted to show you what happens if your 7 year old son get`s a fast look on your contest image… He saw my image once and painted it out of memory :slight_smile:


:applause: when your son will be old enough I must buy him a beer:) great, he will rock someday, yes he will:buttrock:
and now it’s time for you, so fire some next updates


I like the spider like machine in the fore ground, are you planning on texture mapping it?


Hehehehehe…Great update, really not sure which´s the best. Nice use of yellow tones in your sons submission:)

Go go go, Stephan, get this piece done in time!!!


:applause: Hahahahahaha that’s awsome! :bounce:

‘Theunisson’ - someone to look out for in the future :deal:


So I finally got behind the secrets of unwrap uvw. For the first time I did this it functioned quit well. I still have some seems but hopefully at spots where the viewer won`t see them. Now for the fun part of this step… the texturing of the watchpoint…


Well done Stephan…Now keep the good train un-wrap rolling…:arteest: :arteest:


Finally I managed to put on some textures onto the watchpoint. I think about 90% is done, some tweaks here and there and it should be fine. In the lightning milestone I will see if they work :slight_smile: Already split up the image into 3 layers, more to come. I will focus now a little bit on another part of the image I did not spend any time yet… the background.


WOW theuni!:thumbsup: the scene is looking nice, i like how the watchpoint i turning out.
beautifull :bounce:!


hi ! stephan, your entry is far more complex than the first point very much! the modeling detail increase very much! great! but i notice that the trail of the moving eye is too sharp , and overall lighting is look constant , maybe u r working on it ,
good luck man!


happy new year man
man great compositing and those weird ships are awesome you really rocking man keep it up:buttrock:

the spider thing really stylish i love it :thumbsup:


Hi there my friend, I watched your watchpoint and must say it looks better and better:) My suggestion would be to rotate the upper part of the watchpoint. To move the “eye” closer to the meteor, so that it looks at it, or even stears:)


Hi all,

many thx for your comments on my image I really need this to get the whole thing to an end, end of the week :slight_smile:

arturro: I already thought about this… turning the upper part would mean to go back a lot of steps in this process and I think I do not have the time cause there are even more important parts I have to put some paint on. But on the other hand I also thought it would be nice if the watchpoint keeps its position… its like hiding behind the mountain & keep waiting for a good moment to jump on the meteor. Maybe this gets more clear when I put another watchpoint on the second meteor.

monsitj:thx for the hints I already noticed that I do have a problem with the contrast between the watchpoint and the mountain. I will do this in the lightning milestone. Oh the eye texture is a bad, old, low res texture I used years ago… now I wanted to use it as a basic for upgrading it to something better :slight_smile:

This gets really close now finishing the contest. I already took 2 days of work at the end of the week to get the image finished…


Here is a “little” Update on the background. I place the moon in the left upper corner. Also started to rip the whole scene apart for rendering and occured some problems with the video post glow effects. They vanished at High Resolution so I have to readjust them. BTW I put in some particle systems for the meteor trails but still have to adjust the amount and glow strenght because at 3600 px this bloody effect dies away.


The moon is placed very good, but fade it a bit. I think it’s too strong and takes to omuch focus.


Just here to say keep bringing it strong Stephan…Looking very nice and I wish you the best in getting this done with style…:arteest:


Hi Stephan

Nice update on the moon, crisp and clean crator details. Maybe too clean, but it fits the rest of the image very much, so maybe this is just the style…:slight_smile:

Now, I want you to not take this as me being very mad at you. You really have to read just a little of the posts, when you enter my thread. I know from myself, that often I just watch pictures. But If I write something in someones thread, I make sure to get just enough updated, to not write already said stuff, or make mistakes. The reason for saying this: I have been out of the challenge for around 10 days now. Meaning, I will not finish it. Almost all posts after the last submission(testing in ps) mentions this fact. I have written it in my signature also.
Sorry for being a little crancky, really isn´t that big a deal. Just think you should read a little more…:slight_smile:

Anyways, great update. Now, hurry up, lots to do:)