Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stephan Theunissen


Really good and different work! :bounce:
I Agree With Kragh, u sould add soma sparkles and maybe red halo to the rocks…?


Just a little update on the meteor effect. Added some particel system and a video post glow to simulate the debris breaking of the meteor as it enters the atmosphere. Still got to do some fine tuning on this effect as always but the solution works fine for the moment.


Hi theuni

A thought provoking composition, and idea , survival of the species,
the only comment I would have is, the rocket trails, could be more broken
as they enter the planet.

nice work

Paul Patina!

check my link


ooooh, those meteors look awsome! :applause: would love to see more of them in the distance! :cool:


Is this rocket science talk…“partical system and a video post glow” …:wink: :arteest:

I do know it looks quite the cool thing…:arteest:


This is just getting better… what kind of texture do you plan for the creature/plant? Some organic, skintype shader could look really good. I really like the style you’re going with here - a cross between realistic and cartoony, very cool :thumbsup:


Hi Stephan - nice sss on those meteors! Doing no 3d here in Norway.

Nice to see you are working on :slight_smile:

Take it easy and have a good new year!


hi theuni id say its is the waltz of the meteors they are really nice :thumbsup:,
those textures are way cool!



ereitz, yunisirees, Gunilla, Virtuoso, M477, patina, taavi, Kragh, Divaise, Denman…

A happy new year & thanks all of you for your kind words and comments on my posts. You all are a great source of motivation to me.

I had a real good idea for expanding the story of my illustration:

Think of the following… the “watchpoints” are bionic machines which are some sort of plantery early warning system. So far so good but what if they also could be part of the defense system :lightbulb So what could they do… as easy as that… they just jump on board of apassing by meteor, hold on to it while trying to get him out of track.

What does that mean for my image… I will place a “watchpoint” on top of the second meteor shown from the viewer. This one got carried off at an earlier point of time and now tried to hit the foreground meteor. The “watchpoint” in the front prepares itself to get on board of the meteor just passing by. This means I got to rework the legs of my “watchpoints” and I got to model a second one because the bull riding “watchpoint” needs a different pose.

So what do you think of this idea???


Hi Stephan,

happy new year 2005 and all the best u can imagine for u and your loved ones, mate!

…ahh and to your entry: looks great so far, dude - can’t await to see the next steps…:bounce:


Just a “little” update on the legs of the watchpoint. I totally reworked the legs for a more stable impression. I mean this guy has to ride a meteor :slight_smile: So next Step… detailing the whole thing… got to hurry


nice and deep
happy new year…:thumbsup:


Riding a meteor…Now thats got to be wild.:arteest: :wink:

Nice addtion and idea Stephan…Your continuing on a very nice road.Keep it in the fastlane…:arteest: :arteest:


Hi Stephan

Great work on the legs…hehe, I have to admit something; Didn´t see it was mechanical in the old version, so when I saw this I thought; Oh, he´s making the legs mechanical, what a great idea…":). But as they were mechanical all the time, it just proves that these new ones are better. Much better.

Go ride it.


Some more Updates on the legs. I found a good position for all 6 of them :slight_smile: and now the detailing begins…

I also widened the height of the layout to give more space for the meteor riding watchpoint. A bunch of problems showed up when I did this. Now I have to correct the planet map again and the foreground mountain seems to short.


Hey Kragh… thx for visiting my thread :slight_smile: The whole watchpoint is meant to be half mechanical & half bio. I just can`t decide how much I gonna model and how much will be texture afterwards :arteest:

Virtuoso thx for your comments… always a pleasure to have you here… nice & deep ? I maybe do not want to know what you mean or do I :shrug: but a happy new year to you too & thx for the comment :slight_smile:


wow now the watch point is getting cool :buttrock:… btw when am i going to see the texture on it :)!
keep the meteors waltzing !:bounce: good luck with the layout theuni.


hi there again! good work. It looks better and better! I think that the trails after the meteors are too constant(the density). Maybe try to make it less transparent(more folume fog or something) ust behind the meteors.


Hi arturro,

back from vacation and still in one peace, ready to finish what you started :slight_smile: About the meteor trails… they are still dummies… placeholders cause I did not decided yet if I do them in Post Production and use the 3D geometry just as a mask… what do you think is the better way for this part of my image?


I think I`m ready for texturing this thing in the next few days and try to find the secrets behind uvw unwrap… maybe I throw some more modeling details onto it but for now I have enough of tweaking around those tubes.