Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stephan Theunissen


Wow, it’s getting a very nice style. I like your direction, and think atht you should go with it. Or rather run:) I only don’t get this sun on the right… it’s there, quite bright, but it doesn’t light the mountains and the planet.


I like this! Very nice models and a quite unique style for the concept - cool:thumbsup:


I started forming out the landmasses.


Hi again

When I first entered, I didn´t get the concept fully. Now I got it from just watcing the pictures! I really like your work alot, very organic. I hope you are familiar with SSS, I think it could work so good on your aliens. I have never tried using it myself, not an expert on all the “new” features, as I haven´t been good enough to follow the progress in the industry.

But I´ve seen sss work so good, and would love to see it as part of the lightning details in these models, would fit very much.

Keep it going, great stuff


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thanks for your comments guys…

great you got the idea of the concept and great that you droped by again! Really this is not easy at all cause I wanted the concept and the illustration itself to be as open as possible to be interpreted by each viewer in a different way.

The idea with sss is good and I thought about it for a few seconds :smiley: But then I reminded me of a glas flacon I did a few weeks ago where I used mental ray on a “little” scene and my PC rendered the whole night through (16 h) to do 1.5 million caustic photons. Well I think this wont do with my final scene here. But maybe Ill find an tutorial how to fake this effect :twisted:


Hi, just noticed your thread and see how you’ve stuck to the original concept really well. You can see the development through each image and it is looking really promising. The original concept sketches remind me of Giger, and that can only be a good thing! :arteest:


Hi again

If you have a little understanding of the way sss works, and I think you have, you can fake it in the post prod. (using photoshop or other similar software). I do it this way myself. Just select areas near the edges with some amount of feather, lighten these areas, remove a little contrast, and make some color correction in the direction of the tone, you imagine is under the skin. I have a model(alien ship), which I will do that on, at the alien parts. But ofcourse this way of doing it is fake, and would not be an option if you did an animation. But these scenes in this challenge just becomes so big, and I allready need to split my image in smaller pieces, and put them together in post.

Anyways, hope you´ll figure out a way of doing it…:slight_smile:


Just a little update on the planet texture. I started doing the bump map.

Oh boy this is a huge 2500 pixel texture. As a former screen designer I had to get used to the situation that even a 10 pixel brush in this case can be small. In webdesign means 10 pixel can be a hole world…


AMMMMMM …That is fascinating!
Hope to see the other stages!:slight_smile:
good luck!


Here is another stage of my planet texturing. I blew some clouds into the scene… did you notice the eye of the hurricane in the background. Still got to do a lot of finetunig on this cloud map but it is as usual a start. Wondering what I will get to an end of all those things I started… Well priority has the cloud map cause it will hide parts of the surface which I do not have to paint then. Shot me with your comments!


Surely this was another hard one! I had big problems texturing this foreground mountain cause it is part of the planet where I use a planar map. But for the peaks it does not work. I lost all control over this and did some tryouts with unwrap etc. nothing worked… finally I found a work around. I just copied the mountain, scaled it 1% and put a different texture on it with a opacity fall off to the bottom. Voilà… also started the color map of the planet and made some tweaks on the foreground mountain model itself. Thnik I gonna turn on something else in this image for now. I get sick of these lags my PC cause when I handel these huge textures.


wow ! nice progress! cloud layer and atmosphere increase your detail a lot ! maybe u can add more debris or particle fly around or something ! good luck and merry x mas!!:slight_smile:


Hi monsitj,

thx for your comments. It means a lot to me that people like you give me comments & hints :love:
For the particles… I planed to do the atmosphere in the Post Production but maybe I`ll try some 3D Test with particles or debris layers first.


Great concept…
Great modeling…
Great composition…

i guess the only thing a want to tell you is: it’s really Great …

i wish you good luck & have a “great” time while finishing this !


Here is another stage of the planet. I put in the atmosphere and of course I need to do some finetunig but for now it works fine. I also had to take out the dummy background texture because it colors collided with my new atmosphere. Also adjusted the trajectory of the M.G.R.P.U.s and thought about the next step... maybe I begin "modeling" the fire effect of the meteors... will see & dont forget to shoot me with your comments…
Oh by the way those anyone got a good name for my planet?


this “Think”'s gettin better and better there’s feeling in that work. Good Luck friend :slight_smile:


Just dropping by…wanted to say you have some fine art going on here,a nice atmospheric appeal,a nice mood and setting Stephan…I like the balnace and potential thus far…Keep itgoing.looking real nice…:arteest: :cool:


It turned out that it was more a texturing milestone than a modeling one. I just scaled a copy of the meteor and textured it with a combination of the stone texture and some crazy opacity, selfill. & video post effect and voilà! Since no one came up with an idea for nameing my planet I baptised it Navillian! This stands for something very high, believe me I found it in an atlas. C&C very welcomed…


every time i see ur thread theres a nice update there :thumbsup:!


You really hit bulls eye with that astroid texture. They look hot as hell. Really fine work. Now you just need some kind of atmospheric disturbance(particles, smoke and so) made by these fine astroids…So much work left…we´ll never make it…hehe.
Anyways, just Great.

I think you should work a little on the clouds, I actually think they were better before you putted some work into them. More defined, I mean. But no strong issue here.
Keep it coming