Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stephan Theunissen


Would any part of this smaller early detection system be translucent? It looks very interesting and well formed. I like the world you are designing quite much and look forward to seeing more from you. Keep at it!


Hi ||) |V| |^|

I just started modeling the watchpoint. And for now I think only 15% or so is visible but you are thinking in the right direction :slight_smile: I planned to make the sphere you see an huge eyeball which will be covered by some sort of translucent helmet. Maybe more parts will be translucent but I planed to do the watchpoint in a H.R. Giger style so it will be very detailed and dark from the impression you`ll get at the end.


Ok, so I did the opposite part of the head and realized that the eyeball is very big. I had problems to fit it between those two horns and not look clumsy. Still got to model out the part where the eyeball contacts the horns.


beautiful… I can imagine it textured, and it look sawsome there:thumbsup: I think you will do it even better! Keep this direction man! very good


Hi theuni! looking good!


I made some improvements on the horn mesh and started with the lower part. Looks a bit like a sea horse now… what do you think? Well wait until the legs are mounted than I hope it will get a bit more of a spider climbing up the mountains.


This is getting very nice and unique look! I really can’t wait to see it textured! and can’t wait these legs:)


Looks very interesting :slight_smile: like you said, it reminds me on a sea horse. And it looks not very detailed yet. But it’s not finished…

Those asteroid-transporter look nice :thumbsup:


looking very cool - i can see this developing in a really excellent way - it’ll look really good textured. is it slimy or dry? scaly or smooth? looking forward to more :slight_smile:


The “Watchpoint” got some legs and now it looks a bit like a spider. Well for the job it was thought for its just fine. Still got to put a load of cables and stuff over this basic structure of the “watchpoint” + the texturing. Because of the adjustment of the the legs to the foreground mountain I have to model out the dummy soon… time to switch temporary to a other part of the image.


great idea! for more constructive critique you must wait ntill I see those cables and additional stuf:) Now it’s very promising!


Hi Theuni - good to see you posted!

I like the spider legs but they are so big they seem to take away from the cool worm-like form. Of course texturing could change that too…


Thanks for your comments guys. I planed that good old watchpoint clinches this mountain with its legs. So we`ll see how much of those legs will be seen as soon as this happens :arteest:

I know normally one would model this guy to the end and than put him in pose but in my case it makes more sense to this before I finish him.

I started holiday at the moment and for now hopefully got more time for this contest.


sweet stuff man definantly looks like an idea for a book cover


I used the new poly drawing tools in max7 to form out the foreground mountain and I must say it is really fun. I threw the “watchpoint” right onto it and rotate the legs so it clinches the mountain. At the end I did another try for texturing the mountain. Yet a lot of detailing work left for the mountain!!!


Hi Theuni - looks good :slight_smile: Did you sculpt right into the surface with the poly tools? Looks very detailed.

One thing I noticed: the legs remind me a bit of flower petals. I’m not sure if that’s the association you want to make. Just a little change somewhere and they wouldn’t make this impression.

ps. did you get icq?


…crazy meteor…

i like very well your concept :thumbsup:


If put the “watchpoint” into my final layout… c&c welcome


Hi theuni,

Great work! I really like the design of your creature, very organic and curvy.

Can’t wait to see how this develops, Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


All those Vertixs and Polys in mind I choosed to do a little texturing and go back to modelling later. I found a very nice tutorial about creating planet textures and tried to adapt it to my scene. It worked out quit good with some standard earth maps. So the job right now is defined: To make my own planet textures :slight_smile: The atmosphere still has some problems where the meteor hits the ground and and and but it is a start in the right direction, or what do you think? c&c welcome