Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stefan GURA


Stefan GURA has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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So So


the creation or destruction of civilisation everithing between it is just mish-mash.


I will do something with creation or destruction of worlds. everithing betveen this is just mish-mash.


His Head


Queen is death. God save the Queen.


Nice sketches.
What about something about the entire scene?
I`ll be back later.
Good luck!!


It shoud be the moment when warior /may by king/ has found death queen in bombed and destroyed city on a planet far far away. Moment when strongest men know : “This is the end.” I do not know it it is right word - GARDE. I took it from chess when the Queen is in danger. But it is international word so may by it is right. Other ideas for title: “God save the Queen”


Yeah!, nice begining, bnut I agree with PROctavian … what about showing us a sketch of the entire scene? …

Continue the good work…:slight_smile:


The red one. Thous lines are warior standing on stairs with death body in his arms. I know I know but it is WIP. I can see Fall of nation in this. U do not?




I’ve had to rething and rework everything.


So Im modeling and modeling. But I’ve


Nazdar Slovacisko.:slight_smile: Dufam ze sa ti bude darit, budem ta mat pod drobnohladom.
Zatial to nevyzera zle, len daj pozor na ten reflection, lebo zatial sa tie postavy nejako vznasaju…


DAkujem a trimem palce aj Tebe.


Now I am on this level. I shoud choose the komposition for image. A or B?


Hi there. I think that A is better in terms of the characters. But still, putting her a bit higher it’s a good idea. But not much, just a little bit.


Reads opera, now it just needs to read space. :slight_smile:


Texturing. Just few days


REndering without man.


Photoshop and tablet and here it go. Gothic never ends.