Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Shaun Lupton


I yiyi!

So little time left. I havent got much sleep the last couple days trying to put this thing together before the deadline. I may hafe to skip a couple things like not do the humans lower half of the body to give me more time to work on the upper parts. I still need to texture the humanoid and pose them eh! I hope to finish. Im moving here the next couple days so Ill do what I can, I hope to have a final version up sometime within the week. A new update for you all below.

arturro - I hope to finish to, I hope you as well finish as time seems to evade everyone.

Daniel Pittaluga - Hey thanks man, much abliged!!! Ill do my best with what I have…



Heres the lastest as far as this challenge. This is the balcony that the chracters will be fighting on. I will spend the last day I have posing them like the michelangelo style I said from the begining. The balcony still needs detailing, Ill provide that on the next update. Lighting is mainly area lights and a direction and ambient at low intensity. Color tone may change later on depending on how they all work together. More to come…



Ive only gotten a temporary internet connection to upload the remaining pieces of the puzzle for this challenge as Ive moved here the last week. This is a render of the humanoid character with armor. At this point legs are unnecessary as they wont be needed in the final shot. More to come tonight.



Here is the renders of the characters put together posed. It took me most of today to get them rigged and posed right.



Here is the renders of the characters put together posed. It took me most of today to get them rigged and posed right.



Here is the composite with most of the renders. Characters are a layer, balcony, and a matte sky backplate. Ships and the city I finished will be in the background as well.



Cool character modelling and interesting idea with the poses, quite good from the “epic” point of view.

Good Luck for the final rush




Here is my final image for now. I will re render some things and add some effects etc. after I wake up, ite been a long day and night.



Modeling and posing on a very high level!
Maybe some details or noise on mens clothes…but its no time
This is a great image of emmotions:thumbsup:


I have seen your prograss of the work,You have done well on the character design.
your work style is like Baroque .I wish you had more time to go to the details in the background as you have done on the faces.Cause you are a great artist and definitely you could do it.:applause:
Wish you success!


Hi everyone, I will respond to your kind comments and suggestions on my next post, but I wanted to say this was a great and very challenging challenge. I did my best with work and everyday life, and a move taking much of my time. I had a lot of fun putting this image together. I love these challenges as they allow me to explore my mind and create something I normally would not, plus all the great comments, suggestions, and friendly encounters help me get better as an artist. The final image was put togther through about 10 layers. City, characters, smoke, background, etc. all had their own layer. Finally composited in photoshop where the color was matched so everything looks like its from the same picture. Enjoy!! Until Next time…



Wow! that is a great improvement! It looks much, much better now! You did a great job! My congratulations and good luck now:)


I totally agree with Art.

Really excellent. Is there a painting (or marble relief) to which you thought making this project? Just curious…




What a great challenge! Its been fun:

ago-stino - Hey thanks for the encouragement, it helped a lot at the end as there was a lot of no sleep hours. Glad you think its EPIC!

Alladin - Hi, I tried to get as much emotion as I could with the remaining time as posing them were a mission as I did not have much time on the rigs, but im glad you sense that, makes me feel I achieve something with the final image.

adel3d - THank you very much! Your piece came out extremelly great yourself! The attention to detail is inasane, Good luck with the voting! Congrats for finishing as well.

arturro - Thanks a lot, im glad you like the last minute updates. It was a fun challenge!

ago-stino - Thanks, well from the beging I knew I wanted a renaisance feel with a futuristic backdrop, if I had more time to work on it I probably would have added more detail to armor and scenery, but with art, its always difficult to say thats enough, stop. I figured making an alien type of race instead of humans invading this vast epic city would fit for a better story line. I posed the characters some what like a painting from the past to convey emotion. I hope a story comes from what was created as its up to the viewer to see what they want and feel what they want. Thanks again!

To all that have followed this thread, thanks for you kind words, feedback, encouragement, and congratulations to everyone who entered this challenge and finished as well. It was a long one that created many great works of art. Im glad to be a part of this GSO challenge. I hope to see all of you in future ones as well. TO the end of another great challenge! CHAO for now!



Well Shaun I think you did yourself quite proud here,it turned well.A well done picture,Nice work and overall design.And with your time constraints even better for it.Best of luck to you and i’ll be catching you around I hope.take care,and good luck…:arteest: :arteest:


Hi! Your final entry reminds me a bit Michelangelos frescos. Bravo :slight_smile: :applause:


Now You Have fascinating work.:applause: :applause: :applause:
good luck!
Opsss… You have my VOTE!


You got a vote from me:)


Thanks to you SEL, good luck.

CIAO! <=




What a cool entry - I wish I’ve found it earlier! I really like the composition, just like someeone mentioned it’s very much like Breugel or some other painting from that time. Really, really good work and good luck for the voting. You got mine allright!