Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Shaun Absher


Hi Shaun…Well you did it.Let me be the first to say congrats on some very fine work/art.It turned out real well,and I think some nice effort and then results have been shown here.I like the creature the most,it’s very well done.good luck to you,and i wish you the best in the future…:arteest: :beer:


I am honored to congratulate you on this truly awe inspiring image. All your hard work has definitely paid off. This required a rare culmination of CG technical and artistic skills. I cannot stop looking at this. The rendering quality spares no expense. The dramatic Rembrandt like volumetric light looks amazing. The particles give it an ethereal or alien world quality, which is very fitting for the Space Opera Challenge. I expect this to be on the front page.


Thanks for the compliments. I learned alot about my strengths and weaknesses from this challenge.


looks good dude, glad you finished it, I really like what you did with the monster’s skin, and the girl’s face ended up looking very nice.

cheers, I’ll be voting for ya.



Thanks Kwak, it’s great to have the support of a talanted artist such as yourself.


looks great, only crit would be the foot of the creature looks out of place… just looks tacced on… maybe needs more of a reaction of the floor?

looks great otherwise… congrats :slight_smile:

u finished it in quick time with an awesome result:thumbsup:


Thanks, it doesn’t feel like I finished it in a quick amount of time. It feels like I worked on that thing way too long.


Stunning pict : one of the best result over here !
Congrats, man !!! :thumbsup:


Really amazing work. I think it’s perfect! Good luck now and see you on the next challenge:bounce:


Again, this looks amazing. I was wondering how you generated your ambient occlusion. Could you explian the process for us?


There is a great little shader for Maya’s mentalray called dirt map. I just created a white shader, (something with no spec like lambert) and mapped the dirt map to the ambient channel. I then assigned this shader to everything in the scene.
The only tricky part was I had objects with normal maps on them. I had to preserve there normal map connections with the dirt map in the ambient channel so it would pick up all the proper detail. (basically I went through the scene and had to make every shader white with no spec and assign the dirt map to the ambient channel.)
Oh, make sure you have no lighting in the scene. I deleted all the lights save one that had an intensity of 0.
Finally I rendered out the scene and used it as a multiply layer in photoshop. I hope this information helps.


That is very helpful. I have been creating some tests with that method and it works nicely.


BTW Your image would look awesome animated!


Awesome Work
You Had my Vote!:applause:


I am happy that I was selected. But I have to say that there were so many great artists that couldn’t get the result they expected although they deserved it .Also it was so likely that those who got the award couldn’t be successful at all;I mean it is a matter of taste and other factors.Therefore,we shouldn’t take much pride in our acheivements nor be dissappointed with the result.See you all in other challenges and good luck!.


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