Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Shaun Absher


The feet took me forever to model.


beautiful model… she is just amazing… and in my type:twisted:

and I must say that she doesn’t look bad without her hair…

I’m waiting for your next updates.


The armor is to thick at this point. There is some pinching that bothers me in the breast plate.


Excellent modeling man and + very fast I mean very very fast wow for 2-3 days :rolleyes:


The body and head base took me just under a week to model. I just didn’t post any updates until recently. I hadn’t decided on the look I wanted for my female character. I was also dragging my feet on her design. I figure by posting my progress, good or bad, at least I’ll keep moving forward.


Hi there,

Excellent model, great detail. The only crit I can come up with is that there seems to be a small amount of pinching where the cloth around the neck meets the throat. Maybe you could add a small notch there like this:

Just a minor crit, not really very important. Keep up the great work. :slight_smile:


Ya that’s a good idea. I feel the whole design is a little to simplistic at this point. I think I’m going to hit the modeling hard this weekend and see if I can spice it up.


Excellent scale on the image of the complete figure. Very nice proportions.


The modeling phase for her is about 75% done. The basic form and idea is there but the details are not.


Hi Shaun
very nice modell you got there :slight_smile:
like the “suit” of her.



Yap, beautiful lady… with nice clothing. And sh elooke much better with short hair. Just make a good texture for it.

What are her plans for the saturday’s evening…?:twisted:


Very nice model of the girl. Nice attention to detail. By-the-way, I really like your avator rook :twisted:


That’s funny, I have been thinking I need to change my avatar. It’s old, and I have a totally new hair style now.


I like the detail in the tech design on her suit.


alright thats some excellent clothing over there and the model looks amazing very beautifull details

i surely will be checking for more here:thumbsup:


Ooh she’s sexy…You sure know your women…Clothes look nice, reminds me of Starcraft:Ghost, and that’s not a bad thing at all…



I’m going to add some details to her armor plating, and then move on to the next character. There is so much I want to change or fix on her but time constraints dictate I move on.


great! I’m falling in love here:) But seriously… I think that she should be more smooth, something betwean last two pictures…


arturro, I’m not sure what you mean by smooth? Did you like her costume without the ribbing type structure or do you think she looks to chunky?


No, this one looks better, but for me this ribbing structure is as you said too chunky. I think this structure should be less visible. Not so aggressive.