Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sergio Arístides Rosa


Sergio Arístides Rosa has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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This is it!

I was so affraid I wouldn’t make it on time but I finally finished!

The lasers, glows and blood was mouse painted in different layers in photopaint and then brought back into combustion. The rest of the image is explained in this thread LOL.

I wanna thank to everybody that dropped by to give me their input and support. I really appreciate it.

Good luck everybody!


Hullo everybody, a first time (and delayed…) challenger here. We’ll see how this turns out.

WIPs coming really soon :beer:


This is the main concept for my entry. Basically I want to create a sense of “tragedy” or something like that, with those droids coming to crush the humans and all. I specially want to focus on the little girl (although you don’t see it’s a girl) hidding under those debris and the robot coming to kill her. Reminded me of “Shindler’s List” (the girl with the red coat).


hehe, I figured I could “revist” some concept I imagined a while ago. I wanted this droid to look like some kind of insect (they have both agility and strength). I am having some trouble designing the head (can’t decide on the look). I’ll have to look into that.

C&C welcome :smiley:


Nice concept you got there. Using my imagination combined with your drawing i could see a very tragic scene(poor little girl). I hope you finish in time, best of wishes


hey thanks.

Actually you got it right. I kinda wanted to portray the cruelty of those invaders, considering that they don’t care to stop even for a little innocent girl. That’s the reason why I put her there.

I am thinking on doing this image like some kind of “saving private ryan meets starwars”. I want to show the actual violence found during a war (I hope my image is not banned, hahaha :drool: )

I’ve seen that everybody shares the story behind the images so I will share mine as well. Actually it’s very simple:
The planet Earth has been scourged by an invasion for the last 10 years. Most of the human cities have been completely destroyed, and the humans have surrenedred their lands to the common enemy. One of the last spots of resistance is about to fall before the merciless foe…


I havent seen many challenges but that sounds original and imo sounds like if it doesnt win the challenge it will win the hearts of all who see the image. Im behind you 100%:thumbsup: .


Yap! I’m also very much for it! On my scene there is also some brutality and mig battle, so I will give you my backup:)
Your sketches look promising, I can’t wait for first 3d…


You’ve quite serious concept… but you must be really fast, otherwise you run out of time.

Keep on going :arteest:.


I figured I would do a little bit of modeling before laying out the rest of the characters (I still have to come up with a design for my little girl and the human “soldiers”… I mean, moving targets, hehe).

The model is very simple and I am keeping the polycount somewhat low because I will be using a lot of droids (maybe I could use “hero droids” and “stunt droids”).

I can’t wait to work on my “insect shell shader” :smiley:


Pretty fast work. By the sound of your enthusiasum, I want to see your insect shader too (and the head). Waiting for more updates:bounce: .


Hehhe, thanks. Actually I felt I modeled this one pretty slowly. I meant to finish the whole upper part in these less-than-couple of hours. Anywayz, it has to be finished by tomorrow :twisted: :buttrock:


hey the droid looks to be taking shape… keep up the good works mate… …looking foreward to seeing more fron u… :thumbsup:


This looks it will be an awesome scene nice start on modelling
will be checking for more:thumbsup:


Nice concept. Keep it coming. :thumbsup:


Behold the headless droid! :smiley:

Box modeling all the way except for the “abdomen” and the wires on the arms and legs (those would be NURBS).
I reworked the shoulder area. On the previous post I noticed that there was no possible way for this guy to rotate the arm any axis other than X O__o

C&C welcome


Or rather quick sketch. After grounding the idea it took me like 5 minutes to do the whole thing, hehehe.

Since I can’t spend too much time with the 3D apps I figured I could continue doing the sketches.


After making a few now-in-the-trashcan sketches for this one I decided to go for a very simple look. It doesn’t look menacing at all (except for those really pointy legs…) but that’s kinda the cool part: it’s a beautiful killing machine ^o^’


• OH, MY GOD! Chistus has also entered the challenge!?!, now we’re all screwed!!..Lol

Good luck Sergio!:thumbsup:


Nice update on the droid and interesting concepts (don’t worry, i can’t draw either). Luckily I understand such art (you should see my handwriting, it puts picasso to shame:scream: ), I like that “beautiful” killer, but aren’t all the beautiful ones killers:shrug: . Waiting for your next update.