Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Scott LaFleur


Hey i was wondering what anynoe else thought about my image. Good, bad , crit. whatever just let me know.:slight_smile:


weelll… the characters , floor and seats back there are fine to me.

is that symbol on the left side in the wall like an animated neon light?
it just looks like that to me and i wanted to be sure

the sky could have something more

the buildings and spacecraft look too flat to me and both could have just a
little bit more detail

in the final lighting the back of the person closest to the camera looks a bit strange…
now don’t worry it’s a minor thing and i know it’s probably just me but i couldn’t
quite make out the form at first cause those wings on the back look like a bra and
it’s like the person has breasts on back :blush:

but really , it’s a fine pic


Thanks for the crit. I too think that the buildings and ships could have used some more to them. maybe alittle back or side lighting to draw them out, so they dont seem so flat. And no those arnt breats on the soldiers back , but that is an interesting idea… The sculpture isnt suposed to be neon, it was just supose to have a little glow to it. looks like i was unsuccesful at that. Thanks again though for you input.:slight_smile:


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