Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Scott LaFleur


Scott LaFleur has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Turning Point

Here it is. The final image. I hope you all enjoy it!!


Hello everyone, this is my first submission to a challenge online. here are some of my concept sketches. I felt that this would be a good idea for the “opera” theme. To me it is very dramatic and conveys that tragic opera feeling. If my sketch is hard to see the idea is that there is a soldier in the fore ground and he is holding another dead soldier. Then there is a king and queen in the mid ground, the kings hand is out streached and he is reaching tward the dead soldier, his son. the queens face is buried in the kings chest. In the back ground there is a scene of fleets of fighter ship formations, with larger transport ships scattered around. And also in the far distance there is some orange and yellow smoke were the battle is taking place.
I look forward to any constuctive criticism that you all have to offer!



wow! great idea and amazing sketch! But I see a lot work to be done, so hurry up!

I wish you best! good luck man:thumbsup:


very good concept i really like those sketches big amount of work here you have to work really fast now

wish you best luck :thumbsup:


Great Idea!!!

Run, run man!!!

good luck!



very later but havent had time to post


beard stuff


an example of bad lighting


I had some textures for these but i figured ou thtat they will most likel;y be black


here is the dead guy


here is a test render


the thrones are too bright in the back ground.


here is a littel radiosity


here is the rendered image that i will be using. im in photoshop with it right now.


I have done a lot of adjustments to this potoshop that make it much stronger i think.


Man to throw an image together that quick and have it look that good…congrats to you for sure…the lighting mood and coloring and modeling is especialy good in this image…what program are you using…my guess is LW,i recognise that interface I think… :wink:

…my crit would be here that you added a bit more ambient lighint to the buildings in the BG…but it looks great and I’m not trying to crit your image , :thumbsup:



very great this piece.
I like it.
good LOOK…
good luck…


Here it is. The final image. I hope you all enjoy it!!


Yes Lightwave indeed. I wanted to use maya for rendering(mental ray) but i didnt have time to freeze and export everything. yeah i do think some ambient light would have been good. When i made the decision not to put light on the buildings it was because i wanted the back ground to fall away but it ended up creating more contrast and didnt work like i thought it would. i didnt want to have another 5 1/2 hours gone with another render, so i stuck with it and went to work into photoshop. Good input just wish i could go back and use it.


Hey to anyone that is viewing this, i was wondering if the queen under the kings arm is apparent enough. I tried to bring her out more, so let me know if i was sucsessful.

thanks! :thumbsup: