Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


:eek: Sascha! the wires keeps me staring on the screen for a while… keep updating!:thumbsup:


Keep it coming Sascha…this is one of the most unique entries,and done it top fashion…I love the flow and smoothness,plus the surreal and potential glow effects with vibrant colors is outstanding…go at it hard,your work looks very nice,and fresh to the senses…I’ll be looking for more in the next update…take care sascha…:arteest: :beer:


…i surely second that…amazing work man! :thumbsup:


…lining up with above fellow CGTalkers and waiting for more! :slight_smile:


Goodness I forget to visit and look what appears! There’s so much life in your work Sascha! Can’t wait to see more…



heyI really love the concept ! remember me old 70’s gothic starships…


This “castle ship” looks great :bounce: that will be interesting to see it textured and located in space :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work :thumbsup:


interesting your floating fortress… I could suggest making it more wider, since it looks like a rocket to me… I mean, maybe you could separate the engine from the hull, or at least separate it from the main body in some way, where you can see the engine and the hull… You could use this piece as a center piece for the ship, fortress, then add the engines to this piece creating a bigger and more detailed piece. but the engine will be visible/notticible this time. Because I’m assuming those round things are some sort of engine to keep that huge thing floating around… right?



Hi Sascha!

Y’rr certainly on the right track here… the flying castles make great antagonists to the very organic (and might I add, strangely brocolli looking…mmm…) looking Car’Lumen vessels!

You could do some amazing stuff here concerning structural detail… the overall shapes are right on! A great reference for structural detail that evokes massive scale is the fortress in Final Fantasy IX… check it out (if you already didn’t…)

Also a liitle crit… I think the domes on your Car’Lumen vessels are too smooth… a nice noise map in the bump channel, maybe mixing a larger one with a very small one for fine detail, would go a long way to a truly organic look imho…

That’s it! Truly great stuff overall… keep them coming mate :thumbsup: !


Ahhh - Sascha, this is so cool - I can’t find anything else to say. Better just joining in the choir here … Fan-Tas-Tic :thumbsup:


@Lemog - master of incredible details: Just three words back, my friend: Thanx a lot… I’m waiting for updates, too:D

@greentek: Never been is Moscow, but it could be great: u know russian people (especially the girls, ääähh(?) ) are very nice…thanx, mate for your compliments, they always give me a push to learn more…

@uwil: hope u like them, its only for some visual explanations how simple it was built up…

@Virtuoso: Hi Michael, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you- the chiefmaster of unique style…I’m happy that u like my actual work…but I’m a little afraid of texturing (especially when I look in your stunning thread!)…thanx again, mate!

@DimitrisLiatsos: Thanx a lot, Dimitris - hope i can continue like that -damn unwrapping…aarrh!

@terraarc: Many thanks, dude!

@keetmun: What? u forget my thread? :wip: no sorry, no excuses…hahaha just kidding…it’s great u found it again. thank u very much :-))

@Maël: 70ies look? Cool, i like this style of living. ohh my parents told me about this time…Thank u!

@Nomad: Really thanx, mate! After refining the model once more, i hope i will produce some good textures… I’ve got some ideas about in my mind - hope they work…

@ARSA: Many thanx for your comment:thumbsup: Yes, u’re aright about the propulsion engines , and thats a really good point u stated…I will think about it to change something! Many thanx again!

@Rui_Padinha: Wow, that linked picture looks awesome. Thanxx a lot for this!..and thanx for your suggestion about the map: That’s true, so in my detail work after making all the single parts of my composition I will change that…Thank u very much!

@Gunilla: Many, many thanx, Gunilla!:slight_smile:

@all: Have fun!


That warship/castle looks great - and it’s also a nice contrast to the soft jellyfish structures… perfect combination it will be. It looks really hostile, the number one important thing for evil warships :thumbsup:



Looking really good. Like the translucency in your spacestation…thing…!

Really unusual stuff.



Great Sascha what can i say you have my respect! your work is super super!


Cool work.I like the concept here,organic looks good,real good.Posssibly a touch of more common structures would make the organic work stand out even more? Well no matter,I like this a whole lot.:applause: :applause: :applause:


the city looks awesome… im always in awe ;p
the architecture and the inter-connections work well - good job bru


Very nice city!! I think that the architecture is very nice, keep on and i want to see more!!:thumbsup:


That’s a very good concept. Very imaginative. The modeling and texturing are amazing so far.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Only the initial composition i don’t like too much. I think it’s not up to your standard quality level.
BTW, have you finished your Machine Flesh entry out contest ? (sorry if the question was already answered and i missed it)

Rock on !!! :buttrock:

Edit : not so constructive comment. sorry it was a bit late. since i couldn’t find any comment about the composition concept, maybe there’s not much to comment for the moment.
And now i like it :blush: .
Oh well… :bounce:


wow man…that last model u showed up it simply rocks!!
but i cant expect less from the very talented artist u are…very well done man!!


been following your thread from the start dude, love your concept and it looks like its turning out rather well! great work!