Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sam


Sam has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


good luck to me! againt all u pro’s :frowning:

man this is going to be tough only been using max for 1month! any tips for me would be greatful!

Entering this as a learning experience :slight_smile:

Gl and hf to all !!!


Unless your real full name is Sam (like Cher) then you’ll want to include your full name to be eligible. I’m pretty sure they’ll disqualify you without that information and I want you to be eligible to win. It makes for a better challenge. :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

The first tips, spend one or two weeks searching, drawing concepts etc.
It’s not a waste of time, it’s usefull and help you to planify your work :slight_smile:


hehe some replies! :slight_smile:

JTD: yeah i think ill input my full name once i get a model done… just so i dont embarrass my self haha…

Michel ROGER: thanx… yup i think brain storming and conceptual work is defo needed :slight_smile:

Ill write down some ideas just to get me started!

yeah i have some ideas … one them including a colonization of a planet.
View point within the planet it self, looking up.
Turning point for both parties ie the entries and the habitants.

Unless this has to be a space epic!

btw do i have to show everys single progress! ie drawings, rough ideas or just conceptual work for the final idea! sorry for stupid questions never entered a comp like this :slight_smile:
thanx in advance…

motivate me plz! :slight_smile:


not every stroke of the brushes have to be commented, post pics to keep your worksteps understandable, good luck:)


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