Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Ryan Watkins


I would leave one guy in the clothing as some kind of master and the rest would set as on th eprevious tests(they look very good, I think better then in clothing). The lighting of the room is very good as well, only the top are is too bright for me.


Ringlord111- Thanks for the crit, the black dot is from the stars layer when I was working with the image in photoshop and I just didn’t notice it, so thanks for seeing it.

arturro- Great idea, looks like I will be doing a little more modeling tonight.

Ya tomarrow


I’m taking arturro suggetion and reworkinng the figures so that there is one central figure ( the high priest ) that is surounded by low level priest. So I had to finish the aliens, mostly the hands last night.



Verry nice results :applause:

For the color schem I will choose the one on the right, more colorful, more interesting than the grey/brown one…

I will look for the final image :bounce:


This is my last test before I started the final rendering.

My computer has crash twice while trying to render the final, I think know I have fixed the issue, I believe that when windows was trying to increase the virtual memory it was crashing Lightwave. So Just I just set the V.M to the max aloud.



Hullo there.

I really like your concept. It seems you went to the other side of the theme, very original.

as for the “input”… I also think that the color test on the right looks better. The other one feels too “monochromatic” or “sad”…

Good luck!


Thanks for the vote, as for my final coloring I’m want a really timeless feel to the image. Thats why I was thinking about the sepia tone and siliver print look.



Excellent work Ryan, you have done fantistic job since the beginning. You have a very original style of art, dark stirring, I enjoy your work thoroughly. Keep at it, and look me up after the challenge ends and life returns to normal.


Very good work enochian… keep it up!


I cannot wait to see the final, like me, working right up the buzzer! I just hope there are no bugs with the submission process…


“The priest of Enoch have long explored the universe, with their devote mind. Through their technology and religion they have evolved into a being that is no longer dependent on physical reality. They now exist in both the physical and metaphysical. Their fossilized bodies now serve only as a shell for their minds.”

Well this is it, as the challenge comes to an end I’m still very much and novice working in this medium. Although I have a very strong vision for my new body of work I am still working to develop the stills I need to fully show my vision to the world. All the work I have post here marks my milestones in learning to use Lightwave. When I entered this challenge and join CG Network was the same day I received Lightwave, before that I had never worked one a 3D project before.

This is a very strong community of many very talented artist, that I’m very excited to continue to work with.

I would like to thank our host for there dedication to the community and maintaining such well run and strong website. I would also like to thank my wife for always standing with me during the times when my I dedicate my life to my art and leave the rest of the world behind me; my family for all their love and enthusiasm for my work.

Congratulation to all the artist that finished the challenge, and thanks to everyone for all of the knowledge and inspiration that you have shared.

Ryan Watkins


wow, a big change at the end:) I’m not sure if it’s better or worse, but as you decided to give it, I’m with you! Great and unique work. I hope to see you on the next challenge:)


Nice work! You really changed it alot there didn’t you. I am not sure but I personally preferred the other concept although both are nice. You have done a great job and come along way since the begginning of the challenge. Congradulations on finishing it must feel good to have this behind you… now what lies ahead into the future? I hope you will bring it here and share it with us when you do get crankin again. Good luck and happy trails!


||) |V| |^|


Thanks for showing an interest in my project. The final image is defently not the vision I had. But learning to model, texture, render and set lighting was a huge learning curve. The more skilled I become with this medium the better I will be able to show my true artistic vision.




congratz… great background


It was fun can’t wait for the next one



Hmm, this is different; kinda of a mood piece, I think (at least, that’s my interpatation of the image).
If you started learning Lightwave as the Challenge started, you’ve come a long way in learning the software and CG. Good job. :thumbsup:


Hi Ryan. Well, considering that that is your first 3D piece with Lightwave you deserve many congratulations. I know the feeling of frustration in having an image in your mind and then trying to recreate it in 3D but not quite fully being able to. I have learnt such a lot doing this challenge. Hope to see you doing the next one! Good luck. :thumbsup: Claireabella


ArtisticVisions- I defiantly am trying to make an original theme here, all to often it feels like I’m always looking at the same old recycled theme. I believe that it is our duties as artist to continually push theme’s an ideas forward and we should not be afraid to make images that go out side of the norm.

Claireabella - Thank you, I will defiantly still be involved with this community. I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I have learned so much from working with everyone here.



Well done enochian. Good luck.