Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Ryan Watkins


Try area shadow insteed of raytraced, or shadow maped with biger sample range do give the lightning more soft feeling and some gradiends.


Darkone2652- thanks for the suggestion. Will do some more test renders tonight. I defiently going to use a shadow map to make a cool shadow for the grated light source.



Have a question for any lightwave users out there. Darkone2652 suggested I use area shadow instead of ray-traced. But when I looked the shadow settings for my lights there is only ray- traced and shadow map options. If I use an area light does this produce the area shadowing or is there something I’m missing?


Does any one no if you can make surfaces in lightwave a light?


Working on the finial image. The renders are not the finals. I just started to put this together from test renders and used photoshop for the effects. Let me hear what you think.



First what strikes me is the starfield. It’s too strong and too dense. And also I would try to make some smoky/gas areas with different colors there. The planet above is too strong as well, it takes too much focus from the main action. Main planets are great, only make those holographic rays more transparent, and maybe with the colors of the planets, to emphasize the holographic effect.



Thanks for the great critque. Thous are very good suggestion and will make it in to the final image.



Change the comp a little. These are differnt color filters with photoshop.


My vote goes to the upper right one. I would develop this one. Good changes there(but too much speculars on the planets)


OK Heres my choose “left” and arturro. Let me here some more or other suggestions.



you know what…? try to mix them! I used such a trick for nice effects. Put mine version above yours in Photoshop and set opacity to about 10%, play with it a bit:)



Thanks, this is just to much fun I can’t wait to start playing with the final reders.


Good moring all,

Spent the night working on lighting and did some full res Test renders that I will post a little bit later. All and all I’m happy with what I have done, considering that this is my first time using any 3D app. I have learned alot and still have lots of learning to do. I’m have been very impressed with the high quailitly work that I have seen here. I always look forward to see everyones new post in the morning. Keep up the hard work.



Finished the alien model Still working on lighting.


I really could use some suggestion and tips on lighting the scene. I’m using Lightwave and have been doing a lot of experamtation but haven’t got good results yet. Any tips on light would be very helpfull.


After doing some research I think I’m going to do Sub-surface scattering on the caps of the aliens. And use Radiosity of the background and figures. If any one know how to speed up the render times for this or any tips on rendering with lightwave please let me know.



Good Moring,

I think I got my lighting set for my scene, will post the low res test a little bit later. I tryed to render with Radiosity enabled but the rendering time was very slow. If any one has any tips on speeding this up or other methods lets me know. I have four point lights, one distant light, a distant set as a volume light and one area light.



Star Field- Made with photoshop.

My idea is that the aliens are exploring the universe by pulling space and time to themselves. that is way the shadows of the planets do not look as if they are coming for the same light source.


Been work on a star field in photoshop while I wait for my scene to render. this comp. is my last rendering test with some scene element changes. When my computer done rendering I will render some more planets for the final image.



It looks very great, I have one critic though, on this last test render, the left aliens red robe (cloth) has a giant black circle. What is that, it wasnt on your other renders. Also this is just a question not a critic: the robes (cloth) are pulled to the center area, but it looks like they have several arms or something. What exactly are you going for? I use 3DS max, but I think if the top part of the robe that goes out is where their arms are, and if they only have two, I think that the robes should just drape. I dont know if that makes any sense to you. Just my two cents there. Good luck on this. God bless.

-Matt M.