Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Ryan Watkins


Just got back from a ten day vacation. It was great to get away from the office. Did a lot of concept sketches that I will post here shortly. Hope every one had a great New Year.


Concept Sketch I did while on vacation, this will be the center piece for the temple.


Lighting test for the wall panels


More Lighting test


hi again! the lighting is good. I vote the first one:) it’s more mesterious…
and your last sketch really rocks! I can’t wait to see it in 3d.


Great job so far, but it looks like it came from the twilight zone more than from outerspace.


I am telling you Ryan is the next H.R. Giger in the making I love it!


||) |V| |^| - Thanks for all of the encouragement, by joining this site I have realized that I’m only small star in a universe of great talent.

Terkonn- The goal of this challenge is to depicked a great alien civilvation, so my concept is a spieces that is know longer bound by the limitation of physical travel, but instead project their minds into space to exsplore the universe.

arturro- Thanks for the pick, the finial should by very moody.


The Floor plan to the temple


Wip model


Did lots of lighting test.


Those art photos and textures are great. But they doesn`t look great on model…



I’m new to modeling and texturing, and thoses were my first attempt at it. I have learned a lot in the last month of working on this challenge. Hopefully the finial will be a big inprovement.


I like the form you have achieved here. What I would like to see is the more organic surfacing of these materials with some of your character paintings or maps. I think it would make this feel truely sci-horror!


||) |V| |^| -

Right now I’m really struggling to create the surfaces and materials that match my vision for this project. It is defently what will make or break any 3D project.



Starting to get a material I like, going for a mummy like effect


A test render, with textures. came out a lot darker then I wanted. Lots of work still to do and a real short time. will finish the Alien model over the weekend and hopefull have time to work on texturing. Then spend the finial days working with lighting, comp. and a few effects.

Have a great weekend See ya Monday



Nice render, but I would advice to add more different light source. I mean for example some gently blue or red from the sides. Very gently, just to break the color monotony.


arturro- thank, you are right it defiantly needs some faint lighting to help with the mood.


Cloth dynamics using Lightwave 8’s cloth system. I’m sure what to think about the results. The calculation had a lot of collision detecting issues. If any one know any tricks to making this work better please let me know.