Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Ryan Watkins


Adding more detail


really sceary guys… :twisted: I like it, I only see one mistake… the planet is dark, so the sun is behind it, comeing out from the left side. But the scene is lenlightened as there would b esome sun on the left side… maybe there are two suns?


thanks for the lighting critique… I quickly lighted the scene… I was more concerned with the layout of the objects. I’m thinking the final scene will have long shadows as if the sun is low… or building a indoor scene instead: what it would look like inside the temple.


A comcept sketch of the intior of the Temple.


These are some scary aliens very nice keep it up:thumbsup:

this is going to be a scary image:eek:


" The war room "


From here the aliens can focus their energy to any know planet in the universe.


nice update man, i like the side legs of this “table”. But I think that the big, middle one doesn’t fit there. It should be closer to the design of the side legs.



thanks for the post.

I’m trying to blend the organic and the inorganic. I was thinking that the center part is a spine that feeds the energy to the “map”. It does seem big now that you mention it. maybe lots of smaller spines feeding it, like wires.


Thinking out he intior more


make the middle leg more round and a little bit closer in the design to the side ones(but still different) and add some lighting glowy cables and pipes which would be twisted around thos leg. U hope that you get my idea, and understood what I mean. Simply make some tests:thumbsup:


All I can say is H.R.Giger watch out, there is a new breed of sci-horror artist emerging in enochian… I love the progress so far, I see you are off to a running start. I look forward to seeing more of this develop and I must say keep those creepy things coming… I love it!


Did some revisions, Thanks guys for or suggestions and encouraging words.


Further evolution of the “Star Map”, hopefully will have a post of the intrior of the temple to day.


Good luck Ryan!

Your alien concepts are looking promising.

Waiting to see the end result.


Thanks Cre8,

Lots of work amd learning still to do. I can see the end in my mind, I just hope one day everyone else will to.


Temple intior, I have been looking at a lot of pictures of the Vatican, hope I can find the time to add that much detial.


Add some more detial.


great surrounding for your scene… I think it matches the mood of it. great! I’m waiting how it would act together


Awesome work Ryan. I love your style. Keep at it. Have a wonderful new year!