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Ryan Watkins has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: The priest of Enoch

“The priest of Enoch have long explored the universe, with their devote mind. Through their technology and religion they have evolved into a being that is no longer dependent on physical reality. They now exist in both the physical and metaphysical. Their fossilized bodies now serve only as a shell for their minds.”

Well this is it, as the challenge comes to an end I’m still very much and novice working in this medium. Although I have a very strong vision for my new body of work I am still working to develop the stills I need to fully show my vision to the world. All the work I have post here marks my milestones in learning to use Lightwave. When I entered this challenge and join CG Network was the same day I received Lightwave, before that I had never worked one a 3D project before.

This is a very strong community of many very talented artist, that I’m very excited to continue to work with.

I would like to thank our host for they dedication to the community and maintaining such well run and strong website. I would also like to thank my wife for always standing with me during the time when my I dedicate my life and time to my art and leave the rest of my life behind me; my family for all their love and enthusiasm for my work.

Congratulation to all the artist that finished the challenge, and thanks to everyone for all of the knowledge and inspiration that you have shared.

Ryan Watkins

((ADDED 1.19.05))

[color=white][size=3]This is an over all critique of the work submitted to this challenge. I’m writing it as a general over view of the work. This critique came about when I started to examine all of the shortcomings and points that I missed in my work.

After submitting my final I began to look over all the entries both in 2D and 3D. In doing so I found that the most striking and interesting work was done in the 2D challenge. That body of work used color, composition and lighting to a better effect.

Artist in both challenge start there work the same, by make concept sketches. This is the most important steep in creating a strong work of art. It is through these drawings that the artist will explore different composition, colors, lighting and other element important to the work. The 2D artist will complete a final concept sketch that will be the foundation for the piece, it will be very thought out in terms of composition and what the artist is trying to convey. The artists will then begin to build all the elements for the artwork on top of final drawing never leaving that final drawing.

On the 3D side however the artist may start out in the same manner by sketching the full layout of the scene along with sketches of other elements of the final composition. But in most cases these drawings are not as thought out in terms of a final work of art and a final concept is not full developed. The 3D art seems more focused on the technical aspect of the scene elements. Although these are the bases for creating in 3D it is important to think about the over all scene when building the elements and not to get too carried away with showing every thing all at once with every detail. Detail is what makes models and scenes striking, but with to much detail in every object and in every pixel on screen the main focus of the work is lost. If we take a look at the most successful 3D work both stills and in film, we will notice that they all have the most amount of detail were they want the viewers focus to be and the lest amount in the background or in the supporting elements. As 3D artist we must never leave that final drawing of the scene and always keep in mind what is the most important element for the work and keep that as the focus.

In this medium the artist is free to create with out limitation we have the entire universe under our control; changing gravity, the properties of light and bending the laws of physics is all under our control. In no other medium can an artist create so freely, let us use that freedom to expanded our imagination and break away from the limitation of the past.




This is my first post and submission to CG networks; I’m very excited to join this group of artist. I have seen many great and inspiring artworks here. This will be my first major 3D project.


Welcome enochian! Nice to have another artist here:) Your sketches are very good, the design is quite unique and a litle bit sceary, which is good:twisted: Tell us more about the general idea! I can’t wait to see your first 3d stuff

good luck man!


My concept is an alien civilization that through their technology and religion has evolved into a being that is no longer dependent on physical reality. They now exist in both the physical and metaphysical. As they expanded their race through the annihilation of worlds they absorb the souls and energy of the conquered.

I plan to use this concept in a short animation and a Doom 3 mod. If I can find away to put a hold on the rest of my life.


Hello Enochian,
The drawings do reflect the concept story well, it is very scary indeed to have your soul absorbed by something else. Look forward to how this progresses.
My GSO entry



Thanks for the welcome and the feed back, your work is real good, I really like the textures. I’m have a little bit of trouble getting clean UVs and not have my textures look distorted. How long do you spend on UV mapping?


These are two of my Fine Art paintings; they are mix media (metal, wood, cloth, paint. I plan on using similar colors and surfaces in my 3D work.


interesting material, I think it would look great on your 3d models!
As my texturing is concerned… I was learning on those models. The unwrapping of the first ship took me a whole night, but the last vehicles were unwrapped in not more 2 hours… and a break for a walk with my dog is counted in that:) I figured it out how to unwrap thing in max… sometimes still there are some problems, but they only make the work longer a little bit. If you work in max I can give you some hints, but the real tutorial unfortunately will be made after the challenge, because there is much work to be done on my scene…
Good luck mate! I’ll be watching you, and you also feel free to come and shoot me with your ideas and crits:twisted:


Great painting. Kinda disturbing which is a good thing. Turns heads if you know what I mean :wink: I love the sketches. Very original. I am eager to see more updates!


Thanks for the comments and good luck to all !


these are great paintings they will make great textures

really love your charachters very nice designs cant wait to see those modelled i am sure they will look awesome:thumbsup:


Ouch - those look like they never healed. If your going to do open flesh wounds and stuff like that on your 3D characters - it’s going to look very real as well as like…yuck! But then again that is the effect you may be going for and it’s working in your fine art.



Skull texture to be used on the aliens


Photograoh of a skull


Photo of a dog skull


Wip model with the start of the texturing.


The story so far

A world in ruin the “blank” race has abandoned their body and left behind a fossilized shrine of their race. By using technology and deep religious devotion they have built a temple, that at the point death will collect the consciousness and the energy of the being.

[color=white]They now explore the universe, without the limitations of their physical bodies. They evade other world through possession of minds; and use the conquered build new temples and adsorb their energy. The monuments also act as a relay for the blank to travel. As they conquer worlds they become more powerful. The goal and religion of the blank is to reach the limits of the universe and transcend into the next reality. [/color]


Lots of work to do…


Starting to think aboiut the scene layout,


The building in the background will all be in diferent stages of ruin. I’m still trying to come up with the archture.