Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rudolf Herczog


Rudy, have you tried luminance maps with glow? Very small glow, with a very small distance.

Or possibly transparency maps and one light inside?


looking really good rudy. the diffuse light works correctly if the source is a glowing nebula or reflected planet, otherwise the small star would cast hard shadows. Regardless of the technical nit picks, i am very much liking this!! (impressed - as always)


yeah those thinks look cool and the light is great very metalic :slight_smile: GL MAN


GMT+1: 1933 hours, 16januari 2005. Only a few more hours and its the final day! what are you gonna achieve in such a small time? i realy hope you get to finish it. and if not here, then please finish it for yourself, and put it on that lovely site of yours…


Yeah, i´ve been working on the background and some ships, but unfortunatly i haven´t had the time to complete this one for the challenge, and i didn´t want to compromize by rushing it.
I will finish the scene though, and post it at a later date.

Best of luck to everyone else! :slight_smile:


sorry to hear, although if it is because realworld work is the obstruction, then not so sorry (grin). regardless of whichever, I am seriously looking forward to enjoying the finished work when you do complete it!


ahhh such potential.
I would be very interested in seeing the final image.

keep us updated.


I will still wait to see the final image i think there is awsome potential here good luck with it!

Kind Regards



very great this piece.
I like it.
good LOOK…


Uh… sad that you can’t joint the final milestone. Anyway decide to don’t compromise your work is a good reason and I hope to see this work finished. It was really an interesting architectural concept and I’m curious to see this on the final image…
Anyway Rudolf :applause: and a big :thumbsup: for all what you did until the last post, congrats… for a next challege, hope to see you again.



It’s a shame you didn’t have time to finish it for the challenge, because I don’t know of any artist that manages to create such a truly great sense of scale as you do. Since I use Bryce as well, I’ve learned sooo much from seeing how you work, and reading your tutorials. It’s also nice to see a fellow Swede making such an impact on the 3d world. Unfortunately I suck at postwork, so I’m gonna have to work on that if I’m ever gonna get close to your level of awesomeness (and yes, awesomeness is a word ;)).

Beautiful as always.


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